“Namio, but with nicer-looking men…”

Just supposing that a man happened to be in a sexually submissive frame of mind, it is hard to imagine a finer-looking form for a dominant woman than the gorgeous brunette imagined by Japanese artist Namio Harakuwa, unparalleled in terms of femdom depictions of women. Isn’t she lovely?

The falsified ‘evil’ or anger towards men found in much tacky femdom art and photography is replaced here by a serene and powerful dignity. This woman does not need to put on an act to attract our attention. She assumes her authority in a casual and familiar manner. The man will serve her simply because of who she is. Everyone knows it, so why should she try harder?

Michelle agrees that she is beautiful in all Namio’s drawings of her (try here or here for galleries, to begin with). The problem, she says, is that the men in the drawings are unattractive. ‘If I were gay or bi, I might look at this for hours,’ she says. ‘But I want men that look nice, too.’

We agree that the best Namio pictures are the ones where the presence of the man is very minimal, such as a head peeking out between her enormous thighs. In his pictures where the male body is more visible, it is often lithe and relatively fit, but slightly palid, limp, undernourished, and very much smaller than the woman he serves. And this does not fit with Michelle’s desire to be taken care of by a healthy, attractive and capable gentleman.

We know that it is very much in the nature of femdom art done by men to marginalise the man and concentrate on the wonderful, empowered sexuality of the woman. Of course, this is done almost entirely for the man’s benefit. The male viewer does not want his pleasure interrupted by the sight of a healthy and virile male in the picture, a figure that is not himself.

We imagine another kind of femdom art, drawn also for the female eye. The male form would be equally central, and active as he engages in exercise, or attending in some way to the voluptuous woman, who is visible as a reminder of her authority. She reclines and relaxes, and he works to please her, not chained in the flesh, but in the mind.

I imagine Michelle looking at such pictures on the internet. She selects one she finds particularly attractive, of a man carrying a woman while the woman drinks wine. Michelle stares at the picture for a moment, smiling. Her left hand rises to cup and squeeze her left breast through her singlet. Her right hand moves down to roll up her skirt and find her clitoris. ‘Get me a glass of something honey,’ she says, not looking up as I stand before her, adoring. ‘Now.’

A shame I can’t draw.

4 thoughts on ““Namio, but with nicer-looking men…”

  1. Nice post. Re: Namio– other thing about Mr. Harukawa is the
    gradual diminution of his male figures over the years. In his
    early and mid-period works– up to roughly the early 1980s, the males were about the same size as the females. Then– as far as I can tell, without speaking or reading Japanese, his work shifted towards the themes the FemDom world is more familiar with. The exquisitely rendered, relatively huge females with immense breasts and buttocks (almost unknown in Japan) and the tiny slave males. Without having a really accurate knowledge of the exact publication date of his work we can only
    get a broad sort of understanding of this trajectory in Namio’s
    art. But the central obsession has steadily grown more and more pronounced over time. This has been observed in other artists, of course, far from the wild shores of Female Domination!

    Something similar is visible in Stanton’s FemDom work. The men become minikins, tucked out of sight beneath immense
    female posteriors, or worse, as in the Princkazon material.

    With Sardax, however, we have a Fem Dom Artist who does
    at least give his male figures their more or less normal stature.
    However, their expressions, — contorted in pain, weeping or just awe-struck do rather conform to your post’s thesis.

  2. Thanks for this comment. Actually, I believe immense breasts and buttocks are on the upsurge in Japan. Vive la Nippon!

    It’s odd, this is the fourth time in about a week someone has pointed me in the direction of Sardax, must be the company I keep. Anyway, from what I’ve seen, I’m not really into his work – it’s the weeping, it doesn’t do it for me.

    By the way, this comment made me review this post and realize the way the images are positioned is totally out of whack in this theme, so I edited it. Hope there are no more like that.


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