A Good Night for the Team

Michelle has been driving me demented all day, wearing a sports t-shirt with no bra. She is going on to her period and her breasts are swelling. I adore her.

We had sex this evening and she came, then fucked me with her fingers for a bit, which was wonderful but not enough to cool the ache in my belly. Then she left me and I really felt it was time to try to give my prostate some relief. Well, I succeeded.

This is only the second time I’ve ever done this successfully. Both times involved using a large vibrating butt plug. I need to masturbate quite hard, concentrating on holding and squeezing the base of my cock rather than lubing the top, and work my way through about four or five ‘edges’. When I am right on the edge I squeeze my PC muscles down really hard on the end of the butt plug which is buzzing up against my prostate. Eventually, after the fourth or fifth time, fluid comes out when I stop contracting – quite a lot, actually. It feels pretty good, not as strong as a regular orgasm but way better in the build-up, like my whole torso is tingling with pleasure.

If I do it a few times, a slightly more cloudy fluid comes out and my erection dies away. I wonder if this was a partial or retarded orgasm. My stomach no longer hurts and the glow inside has gone for the time being but I do not feel as though I have come. I’m still wide awake and I feel pretty good, happy, positive. I also feel like I could get another erection very easily.

Now I’m sure I can do it, I think I’ll do it once every week or two. Michelle was happy for me and let me smell her armpits for a minute before telling me to buzz off.

She’s such a delight.

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