Michelle likes it when I beg her for sex. It’s a fairly regular part of foreplay now.

I’m not sure how the whole tradition came about. I think it was me that originally suggested, earlier in the year, that if she really wanted, I could beg to please her. Many of my offers get left by the wayside because she doesn’t actually want what I’m offering, and therefore they are really more about me than her. But this begging thing has really caught on. She genuinely likes it. I’m kind of amazed and a bit freaked out.

Tonight’s activity provides a good example. At about eight o’clock, when she’d digested her dinner, she asked to read this blog, which I have just told her about. I was apprehensive that she might ban me off doing it, but she says it’s OK so I feel pretty happy. She read it through, and likes it, the Polish Girlfriend stuff in particular. Then she had a good look at Jane’s Guide, and laughed at the review of a kink site about balloons bursting in between breasts and buttocks.

I came sat down next to her to ask her what she was laughing at, and she grabbed my head and thrust my face onto her armpit to make me smell it, and told me that I was sweet. I told her I adore her armpits, and her breasts and she responded by removing her bra so I could kiss them. Then I started begging to give her head.

‘I love licking your cunt,’ I said, ‘Please, please let me do it. I adore it. I’ll do it whenever you want. I’ll do it while you read, or watch TV, or even under the table while you look at the net. Please let me.’

‘More begging,’ she demanded.

I’m really not used to this, it’s still quite new. Part of me still thinks “how the hell could she like this?”. So every time I do it I’m surprised that she likes it so much.

So I asked her: ‘do you really like that? Really? I kind of need you to tell me, because I have a mental block, and it seems like you wouldn’t like it at all. ‘

‘No. I really like it,’ she said. ‘In fact, I insist that you beg me.’

So I begged to give her head a bit more, in any location, for as long as wanted. She said: ‘I will go to the bathroom and consider your request.’

Then she came out with no pants on and made me eat her out while she looked at the net: not porn, but hairdressers’ websites and then an arts review site. She’s at that time of the month when she tastes a bit like burnt toast. I love that taste.

At first I was crouched under the table and it was very uncomfortable. I let the team down after about ten minutes as I could tell my neck was going to cramp up too badly, and I asked to come out. She refused at first but then eventually acquiesced. Then she suggested that instead of squatting underneath the desk, I lay on my back, put my legs through under the chair and then use my arms and stomach muscles to lift my head up so I could lap her up. ‘Good excercise for you,’ she said, and then about ten minutes later: ‘you are really doing a fine job.’ The rest of the time she just scrolled and clicked.

This was much better. I lay there with my nose and lips buried in between her legs, looking up at her uncaring face and felt very much like a Namio man only without the restraints. Eventually she put down the mouse, leaned back, rammed her sopping twat into my face and grabbed a breast in each hand through her singlet. She rocked backwards and forwards for about three minutes like this, going increasingly red in the face, until I heard the grunting and knew she’d gotten there.

Afterwards I asked her how it was.

‘Nice,’ she said. ‘I had a lovely time.’

Then I asked her again about the begging. ‘Why do you like that?’ I said. ‘Can you tell me? Does it turn you on?’

‘No, not really,’ she said. ‘Sort of. I guess it turns me on emotionally rather than sexually. I think it’s funny, and kind of real. It lets me know that you really, really want me. I like that.’

I have to say that I do not beg Michelle as a turn-on for me. It feels odd. I do it because I hope that it will work, and so far it seems to work pretty well, so I’ll keep doing it.

Now that we’re picking up speed, I never really know what’s going to happen, or how this is going to work out. But, like she said to me tonight, ‘just enjoy the ride.’

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