Frank and Beans

Three weeks of chastity, two prostate orgasms to release the pressure, and generally I’m feeling splendid, better than I have in months. But in addition to the normal benefits, and disadvantages (e.g., I have the short-term memory of a gnat), a new factor is emerging: I’m giving off a smell that no amount of deodorant will quite prevent or cover.

Michelle, in her wisdom, likens it to the smell made by stale ‘Frank and Beans’, by which she means a German frankfurter sausage and a plate of baked beans that have been left sitting on the counter too long.

I’m not sure I entirely agree, but the point is, it ain’t nice. I’ve been avoiding company all week, and it’s been avoiding me, too.

This didn’t happen the last few times. In fact last time Michelle said the smell coming from me was genuinely carnal and lusty. Obviously something in the body chemistry has changed – or hopefully this is a one-off or an occasional occurrence.

Anyway, it’s time to go wash my armpits again.

I think I will orgasm soon, for this and other reasons. In fact I asked to last night, not something I normally do, but Michelle forbade me. I suspect she has plans for me…


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