Why I like dominant women (1)

The ‘Nice’ Girl Sez:
The Real Meaning:
Michelle Sez:
It’s been ages since you made me breakfast in bed, and I was thinking maybe I’d like you to make me breakfast in bed. I’ll have my breakfast in bed now sweetheart.
I’m not really feeling like doing the dishes at the moment, and I was thinking maybe I’d like you to do the dishes. Breakfast was nice. You can do the dishes now.
What shall we do today? I was thinking you might like to do some shopping for clothes with me… I’d like you to come clothes shopping with me. We’re going shopping. You hold the bags while I try things on. Thanks honey.
Would you like to get some lunch? What do you want to eat? I want to eat lunch now. We’re having Indian food. We’re going to that Indian place now. You go up and order. Get some beers too.
But you always want pizza! Actually I was thinking it might be nice to have Indian food for a change, so maybe You were supposed to read my mind about the Indian food. N/A
You seem a little tired. Do you want to have a nap this afternoon? Actually I have a little reading to catch up on, so maybe I want some time on my own this afternoon. Thanks for a lovely morning. Now go away while I read please.
Obviously you can wear whatever you want it’s just that I was thinking it might be kind of nice if you would wear something a bit more casual… I want you to wear those jeans I brought you. Wear those tight jeans. They make you look sexy.
I’m actually a little tired and I’m heading towards that time of the month and also remember you have a big day tomorrow. I don’t feel like having sex. No sex tonight. You can give me a foot massage though. I like your foot massages.
Do you like oral sex? We could do it on each other, that might be really sexy, don’t you think? Or did you want to do something else? I’d like you to give me oral sex. Take me to bed and lick my cunt.

2 thoughts on “Why I like dominant women (1)

  1. Steve, that’s a very well written post. Although, I am not sure whether I like dominant woman myself. I guess I like it to be somewhere in the middle, where she puts across what she wants without sounding like your boss. Of course, if asked nicely, a man would do anything for the woman he loves… I know that for a fact 😉

  2. Wow, a comment on this old beast.

    Yes, I suppose even if I didn’t like bossy women, column 2 would still be preferable to having someone who tries to hide their (very definite) agenda behind being ‘nice’, and then just ends up having arguments with me all the time. Been there, hated that.

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