A Few Days Too Long

Warning: Not a sexy post….

OK, so last night wasn’t good.

I’ve hit the three weeks in chastity mark before, and, looking back, I realise I went a little loopy the last few times as well. Last night was three-and-a-half.

How does ‘co-dependent, neurotic tyrant’ sound? Sexy? Not to me, or Michelle.

Basically the problem is that when I am denied that long I get emotionally needy to the point of obsession. I just can’t leave her alone. Not a good look for a submissive, especially if she really needs time alone.

In my defense, when I realised what was going on I did try to run away to the bedroom and let her lie there in peace, but she told me to stay, and after that, it got very weird.

Eventually she gave me a handjob, almost out of self-protection. The orgasm was painful. I slept like a log all night.

I am feeling a lot better today. We’ve reviwed the pattern and come to a few decisions:

  • Two weeks will be the norm, three the outer limit, until we both mature a fair bit more
  • When I am feeling needy and she is feeling withdrawn, the best option is for me to retreat and for her to let me go.

I will write more on the subject of ‘orgasm schedules’ being fundamentally un-sexy, but also basically necessary. Right now all I can say is that I didn’t even want the feeling of orgasm last night. I just wanted an emotional connection that was more intense than she was into at that exact moment. Either that, or just some release.

Back on the horse today….


One thought on “A Few Days Too Long

  1. I know what you mean, my husband always tells me when we finally have sex that he enjoys it, but that I then morph into a sex maniac. Get it once, want it again and again and he can’t keep up. But he does admit it always put me in a better mood and more compliant, so I say embrace that. Scheduling sounds so bad, but if I could just get it a couple of times a week, then when I usually do get it I don’t think I would turn into a non-stop sexergizer bunny….but man, some times you just want a little relief that isn’t always of your own making!

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