Not Too Many Blogs By Dominant Men, Are There?

A month into this blog, and I’m deciding to commit long-term and keep this going for a year or more. It’s fun, and I like the feeling of being drawn slowly into a community of people who seem as kinky as me. Or, like, way more kinky than me…

So I thought it was time to pad out the ol’ blogroll. I started with some some dominant women talking about their latest exploits in admirable sexual selfishness. Then I put in some blogs by submissive guys like me, from whom I might be able to learn a thing or two. Then I read some blogs by submissive women, because, honestly, reading about women who get wet from being bossed around makes me horny as hell and I sometimes imagine myself as being one.

And then to complete the quartet, there’s…


Hey, it’s not that I would particularly want to read the thoughts of dominant men before I sleep at night, but it did strike me that they are conspicuously absent from a lot of blogrolls.

Is this the deal, or am I just looking in the wrong place? The only examples I can find are blogs written primarily by the submissive woman, and the guy just writes occasional entries.

Michelle’s theory is that dominant guys are such closed off alpha types that they feel no need to communicate at all but I’m sure that can’t be entirely right. I’m sure some of them are jolly nice. They just don’t say much.

I know, the internet is vast, and l’m sure there will turn out to be hundreds of such specimens, but I’m not crossing paths with any at the moment and it’s making me curious as to why.

Anyway I’m still working on that blogroll. Maybe I’ll put up some blogs by regular every-day vanilla folk, too.


Postscript,  November 6. I put up a couple of the blogs suggested to me by  Raven, but am still on the lookout for more.

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