4 thoughts on “Corny, food-related D/s T-shirt designs

  1. Steve,
    Very funny….that second one would produce quite a response from MJ. i’ve offered Him the “opportunity” to understand the freedom of bondage several times…and for some reason, He has no interest! i tell Him it’s all about “trust” and He gives me
    “the look” with a “RIGHT.”

    oh, well…some of us are just not meant for “switchiness”.

    Thanks for reading U/us and the link…say “hi” when you stop by…i always wonder who’s reading and what they think of “MJ’s way.”

    i’ll ask Him to link back to you..did you check out Pussy Worship http://pussyworship.blogspot.com/ and Urmel’s journal (http://urmelsjournal.blogspot.com/) in O/our blog list? Both are great reads..i’ll talk about the Dom blogger ? another time…not as many but their out there!

    ~slave nik

  2. It’s cool. It was awaiting moderation, probably to do with the hyperlinks.

    oh, well…some of us are just not meant for “switchiness”.

    Yeah, Michelle is about as unlikley to play switch as I am to win the Grand National. As the horse.

    It’s not in her nature. It’d be like:

    Me: Now I want you to…
    Michelle: That’s enough. I can’t keep up this ridiculous pretense any more.

    Anyway thanks for stopping by. And I will leave you a comment.

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