I Sold My Soul To Satyn

I recently struck a bargain with Mistress Lady Evyl who runs Kinkysexlink.

I’m not quite sure how it came about, but I was was working away on the computer one day as per usual, when I suddenly found myself face-to-face with a busty blonde woman who was telling me about KSL and the requirements to become a participant. I was still in the chair, and she was kind of…where my monitor would normally be. ???

When I say face-to-face, it was more like face-to-rack, as she was standing over me. She was quite…large.

You will write for KSL...

You will write a monthly post for KSL...

Anyway I must have been distracted by the rack, because apparently I said yes. It was hard to think straight.

The next think I know I’ve signed some contract, one of those real old fashioned scroll-type deals with a whole pile of kooky letters on it, and then SHAZAM, she’s disappeared, leaving the room echoing with evyl laughter, and full of the smell of brimstone and expensive perfume.

I know I wasn’t dreaming. For starters, I’ve still got the goose-feather quill I used to sign the contract. That, and the fact that my name and profile are up over at KSL right now.

Guess I better get writing.


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