Happily (re)married

I found my wedding ring today. It had been lost for some time, or at least, I didn’t know where it was. She did, but I didn’t know that.

Anyway, when I put it on, we took the opportunity to renew vows. It wasn’t very serious, but it was fun, and in a way I enjoyed it a lot more than the stress and pressure of our real wedding day.

I’ll be making a longer post about D/s wedding vows in due course but just wanted to write something to mark the ocassion of the day itself, October 18.

Here is what was said (unscripted):

Me: “Michelle, will you put this on my finger?”

Michelle: “Yes.” (She does.) “You are now mine, to have and to hold from this day forward, as my cute little sub.”

Me: “OK.”

Michelle: “And you don’t have me to hold as anything. Suck on it.”

Me: “Right. Well, I promise to love, honour, serve and obey you from now until…you get sick of it, which may be never.”

Michelle: “Deal.” (She jumps on me, pushes me flat on the mattress and sticks my head in her armpit). “Now, I want you to know that me, my breasts, my armpits and my cunt are all very happy with you lately. It’s unanimous. The whole committee support you and want you to continue. You serve us very well. Now, go and make us cheese toast with tomato and basil.”

Me: “OK.”

Then she surfs on the net while I make her lunch. The ring is where it should be, now.

Incidentally, I’ve been waiting to have coital sex with her for ages. Tonight she wants me “up to my balls” in her, for ages and ages, while she just lies there. Her words.

I’m really happy with the way this is working out.

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