I Got De-Tagged!!!

Another meta post. This one is about the fact that I just got de-tagged by WordPress.

That means I am no longer listed on WordPress global tags. At first I thought it might simply be because I had changed my theme, but no. It’s been quite a few days now since the reformatting and there’s no sign of any tag-browsing. I’m not on the femdom tag list where I should be.

My stats have plummeted, but not as much as they would have if this had happened straight away. There’s still quite a few folks coming in from other blogs, readers, or searches. Thanks to everyone who has linked me up…at least now I know the folks coming here have at least a passing interest in what I’m writing about.

Why do you think I was de-tagged? If you don’t want to answer that question, you can tell me what sort of stuff you’d like to see on here in the future. The poll serves either purpose…

Oh, I got tagged too, by Nik. Much nicer. More soon about that.

One last thing. Seeing as how WordPress have essentially hidden my blog from the public gaze, I see no further reason to have a ‘safe’ front page. I’ll just revert to a standard blog format, and have a warning in the corner, like everyone else does…


One thought on “I Got De-Tagged!!!

  1. okay well you’ve been tagged again. I got tagged and needed to tag other people, but I’m a newbie and I read you so I’m tagging you, but don’t feel obligated to do the tag if you don’t want to.

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