Ah, the old Double-Up trick, eh?

OK here’s the thing sports fans. I’ve been meme-tagged twice in two days, and it’s the same tag. Both bloggers (Nik and Nibblybit) call for me to share seven facts about myself, some random, some weird, and then repost the meme-tag on seven other websites by leaving them a comment.

But both taggers have also told me no to stress. My compromise: tag seven new blogs instead of fouteen. The ol’ double-trick up, eh? It’s the second time I’ve used it this month…

Ahem…as for the 14 facts about myself, I’ll take that challenge.

  1. I used to be so flexible that I was able to suck my own dick. Despite the cliche about men, it wasn’t actually that great
  2. On a related note, I don’t really like fellatio. I love giving head but when it comes to my own thing, I’d rather have a hand-job with moisturizer any day
  3. I barrack for Everton FC in the English Premier League, for a reason I can no longer remember.
  4. I really like single malt whiskey, especially Laphroaig
  5. My favourite food is Vietnamese or Japanese
  6. I recently tried having sex to Burt Bacharach, and lost my erection
  7. I am six feet tall
  8. My semen apparently tastes like broad beans
  9. I once took magic mushrooms, and spent quite a long time hiding by a river bank, thinking I was a badger
  10. I have flown an aeroplane.
  11. I can play the bass riff to Smoke on the Water. No, not the guitar riff. The bass riff. It is easy.
  12. I have once actually seen a secret door designed to look like a bookcase.
  13. I have a long-standing crush on Julia Stiles
  14. I like Cohen Brothers films.

OK, here’s the taglist. Some favorites, some new folks, and one stipulation – they have to have posted this month. (There are a lot of dead blogs out there).

  1. Outside Vanilla
  2. Odysseus Bound
  3. Coquette in Bed
  4. Lady Emmalyn
  5. Wanderlux
  6. Nescio / Submissions
  7. Tales Erotique

So, now for the tagging part. Hey, if your in the list and want to pass this on, you have to post 7 things about yourself, link to me, then link to 7 new people and post comments on their sites to let you know you’ve tagged them.

Steve Mayhew.

Coming Up Soon: a Guided Tour of Lickorish.com.

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