Lena: Sticking to A Good Thing

‘I enjoyed last night,’ says Lena sleepily.

‘Oh, good. Me too. The guide book said it’s one of the best places in the area, so I figured it was worth the extra koruna, for sure.’

‘I don’t mean the restaurant,’ she says. ‘Although, it was nice. But I don’t need a guide book to tell me that. I used to live here, remember.’

‘Oh yeah. Sorry. So…anyway, I’m just glad you are having a good time being back home again. You want a coffee?’

You’re already up, showered, the coffee is on, and you want to get a move on so there’s not too much of a queue for the museum. But Lena has not moved from the bed. She’s still lying there in her night shirt, her evening make-up still close to perfect. She gives you a lazy half-smile and says:

‘No, I don’t want coffee now. I was talking about the sex, last night. I enjoy it. You make me feel pretty good.’

Pretty good? Talk about being damned by faint praise. But, you have already worked out that this girl always says what she means, and never says anything she doesn’t mean, so it doesn’t come as a big surprise. And you are going to be on holiday together for the next three weeks, so you might as well learn to take it on the chin.

‘Thanks,’ you say. ‘I aim to please.’

‘Good,’ she says. ‘It’s a good attitude. But there is one thing…’

‘What?’ you say, immediately and instinctively.

‘Well…’ She puts her arms up around her head (a position in which she spent much of the previous evening), and her shirt falls open. ‘How do you say in English…when I am on a good thing, I stick to it? And you are a pretty good thing, so…’

You feel a little downhearted, because that sounds like it might be a criticism, and you really thought she’d had a good time.

‘Sorry. I think I know what you mean. I thought you had…finished.’

‘Why?’ she asks.

‘Well, you…made noises like you were coming, so I thought, after that, it would be OK for me to go for it.’

‘Oh, I get it. You think I’m talking about the fucking.’ She gives you another sly smile.

Now you really are perplexed. You’d thought she meant that you’d come too soon during sex, even though you thought you hadn’t.

‘Yeah…that’s what I thought,’ you say. ‘I’m confused. I thought you’d come, so…’

‘The fucking was good,’ she says. ‘And yes, I did come, you are right. But, if you want to hold on for longer next time, that’s good, too. But actually, I was talking about what happened before that…’

What happened before that? After you’d kissed for about half an hour, you went down on her, for another half an hour, to make sure she was totally satisfied, to make sure her first night back in her home town was really something to remember. As far as you knew, she came at least once, maybe twice.

‘Oh, you mean the…cunnilingus? I…ah…what was the problem with that?’

‘Who said there was a problem? It was great. That’s why I don’t know why you stopped. And, I don’t like that word for it. Just call it eating me out.’

‘Alright, well, because I’d been…eating you out, for a while, and it seemed like you’d had enough, and I thought it would be OK for us to have sex.’

‘Hold on, you talk too fast,’ she says. ‘First thing, how long is “a while”? Second thing, why do you think that I have had enough?’

‘B…Because, you came! Didn’t you?’

‘But what is that got to do with it?’ she asks, her grammar slipping as she gets impatient with you.

‘Well, normally, when someone comes, they can’t…’

‘Normally, says who?’ she interrupts.

‘Well…alright, I suppose it’s just that when I was with my old girlfriend, if I made her come, that would be it for quite a while. Probably for the evening. So…’

‘Am I your old girlfriend?’ she says.

‘No, obviously not. Look, I think I’m missing the point here. I’m sorry that you didn’t get what you wanted. Next time you better just…ask me, I guess.’

‘I got a better idea,’ she says. ‘Next time, I say when I am finished. Like I said, when I am having a good time, I want to keep having a good time. That’s the point you are missing. OK?’

‘OK. So, next time I’ll just…keep going?’

‘Yes. Now, you have to make it up to me.’

‘Sure,’ you say, your eyes flicking over to the alarm clock, aware of the time rolling on. ‘What did you have in mind?’

She rolls her eyes, and then smiles at you. ‘I want what I missed last night, of course!’

She begins to slowly pull down the elastic on her panties. The lazy, teasing look in her eye has changed to something a little more demanding.

‘Oh…sure thing, but just for a bit, though. We don’t want to be late to the museum.’

She laughs. ‘Do I look like I want to spend the morning at the museum? I went there when I was a girl.’

‘Uh…I guess not, then. So, how long do you want me to, uh…?’ You falter, not sure how to finish the sentence.

‘Eat me out?’ she prompts.

‘Yeah. How long do you want to…’

She rolls her eyes again. ‘I don’t know how long I want it for. But I’ll let you know when I’ve had enough, you don’t worry about looking at the clock. You just keep going til I stay stop.’

She has now totally removed her pants. Your scheduled morning’s touring vanishes as her pussy comes into view. You feel lightheaded just remembering the scent of it from last night.

‘Right,’ you say. ‘Just one thing…if this was what you wanted, why didn’t you just ask me?’

She laughs again, and says:

‘And miss making you all confused? Why would I want to do that?’


NOTE: Lena is a 20-year old Czech girl who has modeled for the London Studio Group on three occasions, all in Prague. By all accounts she is actually very shy, but she doesn’t look it here. Or maybe that’s just my imagination…


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