My pants are chafing me, baby

Michelle returned from her work trip on Saturday afternoon and we spent the remainder of the day ogling each other before we finally got at it. She deliberately wore a very low cut dress with no bra, and if that wasn’t enough, I got even more aroused when she asked me whether I had stayed chaste for her.

‘Yes, of course. I told you that on the phone,’ I said. (It’s been about ten days).

‘OK, just checking. I stayed chaste too.’

‘Really?’ (I was quite surprised at the thought she had waited for me).

‘Yeah. I didn’t have sex with anyone else. Oh, I did masturbate a lot though.’

Sigh. Schnookered again.

When we get into bed, she gets completely naked and instructs me to make her come. But as I start taking my pants of…

‘No, leave them on, it’s sexy,’ she says.

We spend the next hour fooling around, with me masturbating her and giving her oral, and her fondling my cock through my jeans.

Well, it started out as fondling, by the end it was more like the motion you use to knead dough into a sausage shape, and my dick was really getting quite scraped around. Not exactly hardcore CBM, but after a while, I really wanted to get it out of there and into the fresh air. But I’m not really supposed to ask for things during sex, and Michelle didn’t offer, so the jeans stayed on. And on. And on.

‘You having a good time?’ I ask after a while.

‘Brilliant. I’ve been on the edge for ages,’ she said. ‘Your dick feels so sexy. You can squirt in your jeans if you like, sweetie.’

‘Ah, not quite the right kind of stimulation,’ I say. Actually, it did feel pretty good, just not in that way. The pain of the chafing mingled in with the pleasureable, pre-orgasmic itch and added up to a feeling that was different to anything I’ve had before – not likely to make me come, but enough to make me very hard and happy.

(By the way, the testosterone build-up in situations like this gives me very aggressive surges, during which I want to bite her, tongue-kiss her very dominantly, or just jump on her and fuck her, ignoring all her rules and demands. I have to use breath control to get through them, while she lies beneath me, making deliberately unhelpful, teasing comments about how I need to remember my place. I think one of these days, I’m just not going to be able to resist…)

So anyway, we kept at it for ages longer, kissing and groaning and writhing about just happy to be back with each other again, not wanting it to end. I kept slowly stroking her clit and she kept wrangling my dick around through the denim, until finally she came all over the place, and that was it.

Then I left her lying there all blissed out, and went to lie on the spare bed, where I got to take my pants off at last, and managed to get some of the pre-cum out with a few careful edges. Took me til four in the morning to get to sleep, though.

She says she’s going to make me come at some point soon.