No Sleep ’til Sometime: Chastity and Insomnia

I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. I’ve been chaste for about four months now, with only the occasional release (once every 2 weeks or so), and I guess the hormone levels are really starting to build up.

I get to bed at somewhere between 10 and 11 every night and don’t actually nod off until 2 or 3. The intervening 4 or 5 hours are a mix of time spent reading, time on the computer and just time spent lying there fantasizing. By 1am, or so I am too tired to do much else other than just lie there, but still cannot actually sleep for a few more hours. Then I’m up at 7.

I have had insomnia before, related to stress, but this is different, worse and better. It’s worse because I get even less sleep, but better because lying around in a horny half-dream is pretty enjoyable, especially if I know Michelle is in a deep post-orgasm sleep in the other room (we have separate bedrooms).

Oddly, I’m not that tired. You’d think with only 4 hours of sleep a night for several months, I’d be exhausted, but in fact I’m OK physically, and cope with a lot of day-to-day stuff pretty well, although mentally I’m not so sharp, and forget a lot of stuff. I think chastity makes me a bit vague anyway, and coupled with the lack of sleep it is even worse; but the extra energy I get from chastity somehow balances the whole thing out so I can function OK.

Michelle, who is an increasing fan of my chastity, doesn’t seem
remotely concerned about this side-effect and kicks me out of her room after she has come, saying things like ‘sleep well…or not!’ and ‘make sure to think about me while you are lying awake.’ She has never once expressed concern that I might be sleep deprived and thinks my memory lapses and general vagueness are sweet, just so long as they do not affect her too much.

I love that.

The thing is, change is in the air; we’re moving to a new location (another country actually) and I will need to take up the breadwinner role while Michelle stays home or does further study. So, we’ll see how I go on four hours sleep when I am working 9 to 5. That might be a different story. I’m kind of hoping that the insomnia will be a phase, like the period I went through where I smelled like day old sausage. That went away, so with any luck the sleepless nights will be a thing of the past soon. In the meantime they are kind of funny, but could be a drag if they go on too much longer.

We move in a few days and the computer is going into temporary storage, so it might be about a week before I blog again, and then infrequently until about Dec 15 when we will be properly established.

In the meantime, enjoy yourselves.