Czech Armpit Study Misses Point by 180 Degrees, Says Deviant

Back in 2005, a Czech scientific team led by Jan Havlicek of Charles University in Prague got 48 men to complete questionnaires that measured their social dominance. The men were also asked to collect their underarm sweat by wearing cotton pads.

A group of 65 women then sniffed the pads.

Havlicek and his colleagues reported that women who were ovulating — and thus at their most fertile — and were in stable relationships rated sweat from the men with high scores for dominance highest. Other women did not show this preference.

The researchers suggested that while women are likely to pair up with men they believe will be good fathers they might be hardwired to stray with men with good genes.

Copyright 2005 by United Press International

And boy, did this study ever do the rounds of the internet. It was like all those supressed jocko homo types with websites called things like Men Confirming What They Already Believe Dot Com latched on to it as hard as they could. “We always knew those married girls we drool over were secretly attracted to us! This arbitrary survey of 65 women proves it conclusively!”

OK, sure. I’m left wondering about a couple of things. First off, how on earth do you measure social dominance in a questionairre? You are always going to get some geeky types who are not really dominant at all but are smart and vain enough to answer the survey as though they were.

Second, why was the women’s study question so different? You see, the team did study women’s armpits and give the pads to men to smell. (I wonder if they had to pay them – and by the way, this part of the study is reported way less often on the internet). They only studied 12 women and then gave their armpit pads to 42 men. Apart from the fact that the sample numbers were less, what puzzles me is that the question they asked was so obvious, and so different.

Is women’s armpit odor more attractive to men when they are ovulating? Why, yes it is. How surprising.

But if the study was about dominance in men, why was it about fertility in women?

Unless of course, the women’s fertilty was assumed to the the major factor in their attractiveness from the outset of the study.

For the record I do not find my wife’s baby-making potential her most attractive feature. I believe there is a serious dearth of scientific research in this area. Science must step up and answer the question: do horny, orgasm-starved men greatly prefer the armpit odour of socially dominant women?

Anecdotal evidence round my way strongly suggests that they do…

Male Submission Art

All you in-the-knowsters and femdom mavens are probably already all over Male Submission Art, a tumblr gallery by the authors of Maybe Maimed but Never Harmed and A Place to Draw Blood Laughing (which for me are both occasional stops rather than regular haunts…you can only read so many blogs, dwags).

But there might be a few blow-ins who have not yet come across the site, so check it out. If, like me, you have a job that involves reading and writing reports and you get “all read out” pretty easily, sites that provide regular, new and interesting art and photos with brief considered commentary are just the thing.

The focus is on the male submissive form, challenging the stereotypes of the “pathetic” submissive man (I think this might be the same thing that I discussed in my first Namio post) and show some of the male body beautiful in submissive positions. Naturally the women are also fine…

Hmmm. Nice shoulders. I better get me to the gym if I am going to keep my end up.


Fantasy Domme: Sonja Sohn

sonja-sohnlgI am not normally a pinkerton, and I have never before clicked the ‘ebony’ link when surfing, so this is a slightly strange choice for me, but…am I alone in finding The Wire‘s Sonja Sohn incredibly hot? Surely not.

I have mentioned this before in other contexts and been met with the derisive assertion that she can’t be attractive because she looks like a man. Hmmm.

My counter was, and still is:

  • Just because she isn’t traditionally feminine on The Wire doesn’t mean she looks like a man.
  • OK, she wears men’s clothes. But look down the page. See those things on her chest? They are called breasts. Men don’t have those unless they are really overweight.
  • An anyway who cares, she’s smoking hot!

Looking back, I think Michelle’s recent dream of “hot lesbian action” may have closely coincided with our watching an episode of the Wire on DVD in which her character indulges in said activity.

So, perhaps I am not the only one in the relationship who finds Sonja Sohn incredibly hot.

It’s…the look in her eye.


A Dream That Will Not Come True

Things are…awkward. On top of the stress of the move and the new job, I have had to deal with a family death over the last few weeks and my former relationship with Michelle now seems like it belonged to another life. And our review date is only three weeks away.

I have been drinking  a lot, not a good idea I know, and Michelle dislikes it and is worried about long-term health problems. I can see myself going into abstinence from alcohol as well as back into submission in March. That would be good for me, but right now I am pretty messed up and things are not really working out.

Michelle is still wonderful and sexy throughout it all. Recently she told me that she had a dream in which she was “chasing some hot lesbian action.” I’m not sure why she used that exact phrase, but that was just how she told me. I do not think I have ever been more interested to hear the details of another person’s dream. If she told me she was dreaming about another man I would have been freaked out, but this was quite different. I was as anxious and  inquisitive as a gangly twelve-year old taking their first look at a porno mag down behind the back shed. “What was it like? What did you do? What was she like?” Drool, slobber.

Sadly, Michelle couldn’t really remember anything about the dream other than that there was another woman, and that they were getting it on. But she did tell me that it was one of those dreams where she gets extremely aroused but finds herself unable to come. She has told me about these before.

“I dream I am masturbating, or having sex, but for some reason I just can’t seem to get there. Then I wake up, wet as anything and think, ‘oh, that’s why. I wasn’t actually touching myself.’ Then I finish myself off.”

God that’s HOT.

After she told me about the dream she jumped on me and fucked me. I woudn’t have minded being the woman in her dream, but being me was just fine, too.

Anyway, I’ve had that image in my head lately, of Michelle lying there dreaming about masturbating but not being able to come. A dream in which you can’t come seems like a decent of analogy for our life at the moment. It’s on the cusp of something wonderful and amazing, but things keep getting in the way and we just can’t get it over the line.