Male Submission Art

All you in-the-knowsters and femdom mavens are probably already all over Male Submission Art, a tumblr gallery by the authors of Maybe Maimed but Never Harmed and A Place to Draw Blood Laughing (which for me are both occasional stops rather than regular haunts…you can only read so many blogs, dwags).

But there might be a few blow-ins who have not yet come across the site, so check it out. If, like me, you have a job that involves reading and writing reports and you get “all read out” pretty easily, sites that provide regular, new and interesting art and photos with brief considered commentary are just the thing.

The focus is on the male submissive form, challenging the stereotypes of the “pathetic” submissive man (I think this might be the same thing that I discussed in my first Namio post) and show some of the male body beautiful in submissive positions. Naturally the women are also fine…

Hmmm. Nice shoulders. I better get me to the gym if I am going to keep my end up.


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