Polish Girlfriend T-shirts

“Polish Girlfriend” is quite the internet meme. Not only are there websites on how to obtain one by mail order, but there are also loads of advice sites and Polish forum articles on their proper care and handling, and what to expect once you have one (extreme hawtness, conservatism, lack of sex). Men from other European nations (especially the U.K.) want one under the pervasive belief that they are the most attractive type of girl (together with Russian girls), but are also concerned that “cultural barriers” might get into the way of a “long-term successful relationship” (i.e. one with lots of sex).

All in all, the Polish Girlfriend is a high-risk, high-status asset, and if you have one, you better tell the whole world. Just in the same way you can show your class by helping to promote cars or imported beer brands, you can help to advertise that you have a Polish Girlfriend, or even that you would like to have one, with a range of t-shirts from Zazzle (also available on Cafe Press).


Another series is available from Polart, or Poland by Mail. These come in  two commitment levels.

One can also advertise one’s existence and availability as a potential Polish Girlfriend in the same manner…

Polart also enables you to declare generally the world’s love for Polish Girls.

Finally, if one is not yet the owner of a PG but would like one, you can also advertise your desires.

Once can find similar series of wares for German, Irish, Brazilian and even British Girlfriends (???), and a few other races too, although these are not quite so widespread. Interestingly, the main Russian Girlfriend t-shirt simply reads “Looking For Russian Girlfriend”, presumably to be worn in Russia or nearby. Search results for “French girlfriend t-shirt” go off at some very strange angles, and Albanian or Mongolian Girlfriend t-shirts don’t seem to be on the market at all yet. All in good time, I’m sure.

In the meantime, there’s no girls like Polish girls in terms of status, it would seem. So, if you are fantasising about being with a gorgeous but also traditional, austere and powerful young woman, the Polish Girlfriend meme is for you, and all the other guys around like you.

But, um, have you thought about why you fancy that type of girl, and not the easy-going and possibly more sexually available girl next door?

Giving Up Chastity for Lent

The time of sanctified abstinence is upon us, and I think it would be most appropriate for me to abstain from the selfishness of my chaste ways and have a couple of good ol’ mind-bending, sleep-producing orgasms sometime right about, oh, say, now.

This has been partly brought on by me being allowed to come on Saturday during sex, and not enjoying it as I was too drunk to feel much. Michelle did not come and did not ask me to make her come afterwards. All in all, it was a deplorable state of affairs, reminiscent of the worst of our marriage about eight years ago, and generally not what it should be about at all.

So now I’d really like to recify the situation with a good hard come for both her and me. Especially me! And then I’d start up with the chastity thing again. Hmmm.

Michelle isn’t having a bar of this…

"You had your orgasm on Saturday. It's not my fault you didn't enjoy it. Now stop whining."

"You had your orgasm on Saturday. It's not my fault you didn't enjoy it. Now stop whining."

Note: Michelle will not allow pictures of her on here, but I have been lo0king around the net for pictures of women who resemble her in some way and I found this girl, Lenka. So now there’s a pair of green-blue Slavic eyes to go with the caption.

More Michelle lookalikes to follow in another post…

Questions on the Lineage of Gigi de Domai

Oh Gigi! Remember that day, down by the river? How polite I was, to your erstwhile lover, treating him with all due civility, yet all the while not once revealing that it was you, oh my radiant angel, who had captured my attention. What a a fool was he, to allow me to befriend the pair of you, and thus get closer to the the only girl I have ever truly stalked loved.

But now there is something I must know, something dark and truly wonderful. I want you to tell me the story of your birth, Gigi de Domai.

For the two of us know that “Domai” is but a moniker, a pseudonym, to disguise your real heritage. But it is true, isn’t it, my thoroughbred darling? You are descended from the czarinas. You are a member of the House of Romanov. Say it is so, and my love for you will be sealed.

How is it that I know? Oh, I have my sources. For one thing, your image bears a striking resemblance to the tragic royal line. It is true the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanov escaped, did she not? And you, oh Gigi, are not merely her living descendant, but her living image? Here are the two of you as teens…



And it is not merely the Duchess (your grandmother?) that you resemble. Your great aunt Tatiana is also a striking likeness. Would that I could remove that stately bodice and see the similarities in your physique, also!



Your other great aunt Olga also bears more than a passing resemblance. How tragic to think of them, innocents killed for the sins of their forebears, in an attempt to stamp out the House forever! But it survived, a single seed hidden in darkness for many years and now but lately come to flower in YOU.



Oh, how hard it must have been for you, to conceal the truth all these years. But now that I know, I wonder how could I have not guessed, being as I am such an ardent admirer of the Romanov line and so well versed in their history? It beggars belief, to think that you have passed unnoticed all these years, with the truth of the matter so plain to see for anyone prepared to do but half an hour’s research into the matter.

But I promise I will not tell a soul. Your secret is entirely safe. Oh my darling, and there are those that would do you harm if they knew of your intention to depose Putin, overthrow communism and restore the Russian throne. So you must bide your time, avoiding attention, posing as a normal nude model. But know that you will live on in your rightful place as Queen of My Heart, while we wait, patiently, until the time is right….

Found Femdom, Hidden Maledom

Unspeakable Axe’s found femdom flickr photostream is:

  1. Here
  2. Tested by a rigorous penile selection process
  3. No doubt a complete revelation to all of you
  4. A front for an organized crime ring
  5. Well known for years, to everyone except me
  6. Pretty interesting
  7. Not quite the same as his femdom photo collection

(Tick all that apply).

I recall being horrified, in about 1994, seeing an ad on television in which a generic “goddess” type woman was pictured with her feet resting on the heads of some bronzed, kneeling hunks. One of the men attempted to raise his head and it was quickly pushed back down again. At this stage, I was still recovering from the relationship with the girl who wanted to dominate me but also hated herself for it. Seeing that ad was really not what I needed at the time…but I also recall being strangely compelled. I would sit open-mouthed with fury / fascination every time it came on. (I can’t remember the product but I think it was sunglasses.)

Now I return to such images with amusement. I’m no longer threatened. I kind of like it…

My only qualm (with the media, not with the photostream itself) is about what we are not seeing. If it is ‘risque’ but basically acceptable media practice to show sexualized female domination of the male, then what is the problem with a maledom advertising campiagn?

I’m certainly not saying the media is not sexist towards women. Masses of product is sold by quite exploitative images of women. But it is passive and generalised; a man cannot be shown to be directly in control of a woman. Instead, we receive male dominated images through the filter of our entire culture, a culture which celebrates women’s sexuality as an object of the collective male gaze. No-one is dominating anyone in particular, supposedly. Women are just being dominated in general. Which is not sexy at all, really.

So, maledom in the media must be so covert while femdom can be explicit. Bummer. But you can kind of see why. Imagine an advertising campaign in which a man sat on his wife while he watched television? Or a man whose wife polished his black shoes while he looked aloof and godlike?

Maybe things are changing but I cannot see roles reversed in this photo any time really soon – not in mainstream advertising, anyway. And I’m not sure how I feel about that. On one hand, images like this, but with submissive women, could be less sexist, and more sexy, than the general male media sexual consumption of all women.

But, thinking about it, it could also be revolting.

The real problem with such a movement would be that, even though it might originate within the alternative sexuality community, it would give liscence to some pretty awful patriacrchal men to indulge in ‘female slave’ advertising that would not be coming from a good place at all.

So perhaps maledom advertising had best stay hidden for the time being.

PS – any media knowsters out there who have examples of overt maledom media, I’d like to see them. Are they sexy?

More Than I Can Chew?

Since we went back into our D/s thing three weeks ago Michelle has not let me come. She’s barely even touched me. It’s all been about her. (Or, we’ve simply not been having sex.)

I thought she’d probably spin me out to a week or ten days like normal, but that milestone came and went with several orgasms for her and nothing at all for yours truly. Then at two weeks, I thought I was definitely due when she was giving me a hand job, but it was just a tease, and there was no orgasm then either. Now we’ve just come back from a weekend in the country for fuck’s sake and still no orgasm for me. So, at three weeks, this is entering new territory for us. We’ve never gone longer.

Maybe what’s changed is that we’ve agreed that schedules are out. She can deny me for as long as she likes without saying or explaining what when or why, and I can milk once a week if I want to. That’s the new deal, plain and simple. It’s better than the old way for sure.

Anyway, last night she thanked me for my chastity, a thing she has never done before. “Thanks for staying chaste. It’s sweet. I think you are really brave. I might even touch your dick sooner or later.”

“What? Brave? Why would I be brave?” I was nonplussed, which was obviously the idea.

“Taking on such a dangerous mission,” she said, giggling. I love it when she teases me, so much. I’d like an orgasm but it’s worth it not to have one, just to see that look on her face. It’s like: ‘You are a toy. There’s so much that you don’t know about what is going to happen to you. And I don’t have to tell you anything.’

Well, it’s true, I really don’t know. She might give me an orgasm tonight for all I know. But something tells me that if we keep this up, Michelle might turn out to be the kind of woman who, for her own capricious reasons, might almost never let me come. I hadn’t really anticipated this as she’s not that kinky on other ways but she does really seem to like the chastity. I think she particularly likes the fact that I will go to such lengths to control myself, just to please her. Maybe that’s why she’s not keen on devices (so far anyway). She wants it all to be about effort on my part.

Anyway right now I’m so horny I feel like I could lay an egg, and she’s lying on the couch watching television, looking, smelling, sounding, totally gorgeous. She exudes gorgeous. I just want to jump on her and fuck her until the next Olympics, or until solar power completely takes over from carbon. Instead I’ll probably wait round patiently until she asks me to come to bed and get her off. Or I’ll just end up doing the dishes.

It could be a long wait.


Edit three hours later. OK, so she made me come. We fucked for a while and I was pretty solid, but I would have been unable to make her come without coming myself, so eventually she rolled on to her stomach and finished the job with her fingers. When she was ready, she told me to go for it, but I actually managed not to come; God knows how, but I didn’t shoot. Then when she had drawn breath she demanded that I come because she wanted to feel it inside of her.

So I did, and she decided to come again while I did it. She is not normally a multi-orgasmic girl so we were kinda pleased.

Then she made me go do the dishes.

Upshot: I no longer feel like I need to lay an egg. Still not very sleepy, though.

The End of All Blogs?

…well, really just the end of Hers Forever, or possibly just a hiatus, but whatever, Susan’s Pet has some interesting reasons for wanting to hang up his widgets:

I am not into narrow aspects of FLR or D/S to the extent that they would become the focus of my blog. Consequently, I don’t wish to compete with such blogs. FLR is still my purpose, but keeping an audience while limiting the topic to vanilla FLR is not rewarding enough for me, and not challenging enough to the readers. Just think: a couple of years ago FLR was radical. Today it is ho-hum unless you throw in some kinky sex (or lack of it!).

On the same day I found over on the She-Makes-The-Rules.com forum a thread about why do submissive men blog? It’s all got me thinking about whether I want to keep this blog going, and what sort of place I want it to be. I guess there are so many blogs about femdom / FLR out there that a new one will hardly attract great attention, or really add much to the blogosphere. You can consider this my “why do I still blog” post. Everyone has to have one, sooner or later.

Well, it certainly isn’t for the massive readership or all the feedback. This blog currently chugs along at an ordinary 350 page hits a day, never having recovered from being taken off the master tag list by WordPress, and I suspect it will never get much higher than that. And I’ll never be a comment magnet either. I only ever to seem to get more than a few comments when I write that we’re in trouble.

In addition, many of my hits are just here for the pretty pictures via Google – something I fail to understand since all the pics are freely available on other more obvious sites, so why come to an oddball place like this? Gigi de Domai is up on like every other soft porn site out there. Why come here to read me gently mocking her absurd boobs? I suspect I have between ten and twenty readers that are not just image raiders.

Like Susan’s Pet, I feel like I have pretty much run of things to say regarding the struggle to establish a D/s relationship. I’m not saying my relationship is perfectly settled – far from it – but that I no longer feel there is much to be gained by documenting our up and downs, or detailing my wife’s increasing dominance. I guess I was only doing that because it helped me to sort through some basic issues, and it was new and exciting. Now we’re actually onto the “just shut up and do it already” part, blogging it all seems kind of lame.

But unlike SP, I do want to keep going here. The reason is quite simple: it gives me something to do, to indulge me in my interest in this style of sexuality, without obsessing over my relationship all the time. Honestly I think it’s a real saviour for Michelle in that way.

Plus, it’s fun and instructional. I’ve actually learned a lot about erotic / bdsm art since I started doing this and made some fun contacts via e-mail, and I’ve also managed to sort out in my own mind the relationships between kink, porn and FLR, and realise that I’m kinda fine with all of them provided I never get them confused. This blog has helped me to do that…

So, I’ve decided to stay up for the longer term. But there will generally be a lot less about the trials and tribulations of a newly fledged D/s relationship, and more of the posts about art, fantasy, chastity, tantra, clothing, furniture, hypnotism…and just plain old sex.

Have a fun weekend,


And So It Begins (thankyou, Doctor Larisse)

I’ve been talking with Michelle a lot lately about the process by which a guy discovers he is into submissive sexuality.

We suspect that if he works it out primarily in conversation with his partner, then both partners are starting to read “the book of D/s” on approximately the same page, if you see what I mean. But if, as often seems to happen, the murky world of the internet is his guide for the first six months or more, while she knows nothing of it, then inevitably, by the time he tells her who he really is, he’s up to reading Chapter 7: “Advanced Spanking”, while she’s still taking it down off the shelf.

No wonder so many dominant women are constantly telling their sub hubs to slow the hell down.

Our own beginning was a bit of both. I’ve been thinking back over my own nascent desires to submit – starting about eight years ago – and realizing that I communicated these to Michelle pretty quickly after thinking them. It started out with me realizing I wanted her to be more assertive about asking for sex, so it wasn’t me all the time. Then, that I actually liked her being rough in bed. From then on, every time I had another awakening about how I was really wired, I’d tell her pretty quickly. We had a fully-developed expression of the idea that I would be her submissive husband by about the middle of 2006 and have been getting deeper into it ever since (hiatus excepted). She has started to express a direct interest herself at about that time, and now argues for her own right to dominate, clearly and articulately.

But the net also had a part to play. At first – I think in about 2005 – I recall looking for the sort of imagery “where the guy does everything for the woman”, is probably how I would have put it. Unfortunately for me I came first across a tacky site called Humiliatrix.com, and quickly realised my tender, newly-emerging kink did not extend to paying good money to be called a “worm with a small penis” by some daft tart with a fake laugh.

A few years back I flirted with the Cockcontrol.com crew for a time (but they kept accusing me of having a secret desire to suck cock, which I do not), then found my way to Informed Consent, and eventually to blogs like All For Her, by which time I was well into the whole idea. I told Michelle a lot about my journey on the way. I only started blogging in 2008, after we’d already had a lot of the groundwork conversations over the previous few years.

But if there is one site that really shaped the whole way I think about all this stuff, and helped Michelle too, it was actually something called Male Chastity: The Woman’s Pictorial Guide to a Blissful Relationship by Dr. Tanya Larisse, posted on this Angelfire site.

That was the first time I was able to seperate kinky porn from a practical model for a relationship that might actually work. Since then I’ve discovered lots more stuff along the same lines (and loads of kinky porn for my own amusement), but that was the first site that really made a relationship seem possible, even normal. I remember Michelle asking to see some of the stuff I’d been reading and I immediately thought to show her this site. I can’t remember exactly what she said but it wasn’t “that’s ridiculous”, which is often her response to internet femdom.

So, thankyou, Doctor Larisse, and thankyou, whoever put up that extract. Here’s the very “not porn” pictures that I liked so much, about two-and-a-half years ago.

Edit: DARN evil image hosters. I’ll copy and put them up when I can be bothered…