Back in the Saddle

After a long absence, I return to the blogo-sphere with the joyous news that Michelle and I are back in a ‘proper’ relationship. That’s how I think of a D/s relationship now. A ‘normal’ vanilla relationship with none of the power issues addressed is tolerable, but fundamentally unsatisfying in the long run. A ‘proper’ relationsip is one in which we both get to chill, and be who we are.

 I went away at the end of February over the weekend, and came back to a quiet house with a chilled and happy looking Michelle  who was visibly pleased to see me and soon showed it. She has gradually settled in to a life away from work, and lots of stuff around the house has now been resolved. In addition, she is also starting to sort out a long-standing health  issue which has been draining her of energy. Basically, she’s getting better, and it shows. She is very lovely at the moment.

The actual conversation was quite simple.  It happened on Monday night.

“Hey, so, are we on?” I said. We had said we were going to review our situation  at the end of Feb, so she knew exactly what I was talking about.

“Hmmmm. Yes. Yes, I think we are.”

“So…do we need to talk about anything?

“No. We don’t.”

That was really about it.

Then she took me to bed and made me come, while she did not as she had helped herself out the night before, while I was away. Strange way to consumate my impending chastity; maybe there was an element of “this is what you haven’t got to look forward to…”

 In the end I’m kind of glad there was no heavy conversaton about what it all meant, or what roles we each had to take on. She knows that she can expect me to be generally good-natured and pliable, and also very horny, but also to slip up occssionaly and be anxious and controlling. I know I can expect her to be herself, and wonderfully selfish in bed, but also that in lots of situtions, she is not a  leader, and sometimes I will have to assert myself just to get things done right, for the both of us.

Sometimes I think of myself as being like  a horse. When I am given my head we go places, but it isn’t always that relaxing for her. When she is in control, I spend a lot of time hanging out by the side of the road eating buttercups  while she admires the view.

She’s back in the saddle now; life is slowing down.

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