Queening Chairs – DIY and SAVE

What with today’s fragile economy and unemployment situation, many of us can’t afford the big financial outlay required to get a well-made queening chair. As I have previously discussed, queening chairs are a big ticket item – even the fold-up flat-pack number from somewhere like QueensandKings.biz costs several hundred pounds, and there’s VAT and postage on top of that..

So, what are an urban girl and her sub to do?

DIY, of course!

The super low budget option is pictured here. While it has cost advantages over other options, and is easily disguised around the house as being a broken chair, there are drawbacks: namely, it’s a broken chair, and Her Majesty might not feel that her royal seat has the splendor and opulence she deserves. In addition, there is the irritating scratching and chafing to consider.

Fortunately, there is a happy middle ground between the high-price boutique item and the home made botch-job. You can download instructional videos from the Fetish Furniture Factory, get some basic hardware supplies, and make your own, just like this one:

Let me be frank: I am not normally in the habit of doing promos for pay sites, and that’s what this is. You have to pay $19.95 for a month long trial (and you could probably have downloaded all you need to know after that long). But I have yet to find an easier and cheaper way to get a good chair, so I’m letting my principles slide.

In my case the whole idea is still in the future fantasy realm, anyway. Michelle has little interest in obtaining such an item. I asked her about it a few months back…

M: “That seems like it’s more for you than me. Not worth it.”

S: “But, I could get to places I can’t normally reach when you are lying down.”

M: “You get the right place. That’s all I’m worried about.” (She loves being eaten out lying on her back).

S: “OK. My neck gets kind of sore though.”

M: “I fail to see the problem.”

You see why I like her, right? But I know lots of dominant women do like these, so, if your boss is inclined towards the chair, $20 and a trip to the hardware store, and you could be on your way…

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