Mamabliss: It’s Ass Time!

I dig Mamabliss. I like her style, I like her themes, I just like her. I’m intending on reviewing several of her sites on here (she has loads), but for now, I’m going to stick to the first one that caught my eye, the Giantess fetish site Maximum GTS. It’s inactive now but all the gear is still there.

On the main page there are a range of illustrated giantess stories, featuring either cosmic-scale women destroying cities with a careless gesture, or oversize women treating their shrunken male play things to some Ass Time, a prevailing concept in many of the stories. I could explain Ass Time the slow way, but it’s better that you see for yourself (click through if you want to read the text…):

Oh, yeah.

On the archive page there are tons more giantess stories. This one caught my eye, being about a woman named Michelle, who develops a crush on a rather petite chap she buys from a man-toy store and takes him home for a one night stand…but enough of that. The thing that really appeals here here is the whole concept of Ass Time.

I’ve spent my fair share of time reading blogs by submissive guys and ‘femdom’ sites detailing what dominant women are supposedly into, and I’ve never, anywhere, comes across a guy saying that they fantasize about being shrunk down to the size of a gerbil, wrapped in bandages and stuck up a woman’s ass while she does paperwork.

So, sometimes, when I get tired of the constant bluff and pander of the internet, of looking at women pretending to be what men think of as dominant, or reading men pretending to be what women (or other men…) think of as submissive, it is nice to know that somewhere in Vermont, there’s a woman who just like to think about sticking tiny, shrunken men up her ass. It’s just not what you expect. And really, what people turn out to be into is never quite what you expect.

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