Still A Good Catholic Girl At Heart

A post about Christian Nymphos over on Tom Allen’s site reminded me of something I have never before told you: that Michelle is Catholic. Well, her family are Catholic (her father is a priest), she was raised Catholic, she has never formally left the Church, and she attends mass sometimes. I do so too, less often, and my committment is less strong than hers. I would not say I am religious in the strict sense but find it impossible to say with certainty that there is no god, either.

Her family culture is very patriarchal – her father is quite a domineering man, the sort who thinks he knows what is best for everyone – and she has developed strong feminist beliefs as a way of individuating herself from that culture, and becoming a strong woman, independent of the men in her life. I think this background is why she is attracted to the idea of an FLR, but also the reason why she has taken quite a while to warm up to it, because it is so removed from what her family’s idea of what a “man” is supposed to be like.

As far as I am concerned, anyone with narrow and restricted ideas about what a man is ‘supposed’ to be like can take them and insert them into the cavity so lovingly depicted in the post below; and I think Michelle basically thinks this way, too. She knows how appauled her father would be if he knew the nature of our relationship – he has made some very old-fashioned, disparaging comments about men who do as their wives say – and we have laughed about this together, and formed a kind of subversive and slightly conspiratorial bond against that way of thinking within our own relationship. In a way, I think she sees the whole thing as getting one back for the women in her family. And I am happy to be her ‘surrendered husband.’

But inevitably, her familial and cultural ties to religion affect the way she dominates. She wants to have control, but still wants to be a good girl as well, to be polite, to do the right thing by people. And she does not like to be worshiped. Adored is fine, but if I stray into the language of worship, she finds this a turn off. She will not be a goddess. She will be a normal woman, who has a large amount of power and control, good but without a trace of false niceness about her, and who gets what she wants in bed.

And why can she not be that way?

Edit: Michelle just read this and reminded me, for maybe the millionth time, that her father isn’t actually a priest, he’s a religious education teacher.  Same difference, as far as I am concerned. He still likes to run his mouth a lot.

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