Lena: Learning the Hard Way


‘Honey, I need your help with something. ‘

You come up the stairs to find Lena there in the white morning light. You can see in her eyes she wants something, but she won’t ask you directly. She’ll start by asking you for something else.

‘You have to help me with the straps. I can’t reach them. I need to have a shower. You made me very dirty last night.’

‘I didn’t hear you complaining.’

‘Well I am complaining now. You need to be more fitter so you don’t sweat so much.’

She reaches around easily, and starts undoing the white backstraps. Now you know what she really wants. Or do you?


‘OK, I’ll get down to the gym later.’

‘Good. And speaking about excercise did you do that other thing I asked you to do?’

‘The tongue excercises?’ You laugh. ‘Yes I have been doing them.’

You point out your tongue in demonstration, poking the tip of it in and out of your mouth firmly and rapidly. But she doesn’t see, she has turned her back so you can give her the help she certainly doesn’t need.


‘It’s OK, I don’t need to see. You just make sure you keep doing them.’

‘Sure…by the way, Lena, where did you come across that website? I mean, I don’t mind doing the exercises but some of the stuff on there was pretty…weird. I mean, not bad, just strange.’

‘What do you mean?’ You can’t see her face but you know that she is smiling.

‘Well, the woman seemed to be suggesting that a man should be…kind of like a servant to the woman. It talked about “oral servitude.” That kind of stuff.”

‘And?’ She is still smiling, the eyes all-knowing and amused, and you are almost unable to meet her gaze.

‘Oh…well, I…it’s just that there are lots of other sites that give tongue training exercises, I looked them up. I just wanted to know why you picked that one….?’

‘It’s the best one. I like her. Now, that’s all you need to know. You don’t need to worry about it. Just do the exercises, hmmm?’

‘…right. Sure thing.’

‘Good. Now, I go have a shower. After that we see if your tongue is any stronger.’

She takes off the top. You’re all hers.


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