Madame Mia for Queen of OWK!

The Other World Kingdom is, as far as I know, the world’s only fully-fledged effort to run a large scale femdom / gynarchy porn business in a real location and with a consistent cast of characters (dommes and slaves) played by “real “actors. Sure, they have their own queen, their own palace, and their own religious and cultural practices. But they also have their own media unit, their own currency, their own sales and marketing team, and no doubt their their own interesting tax situation too, and they are in many ways remarkably similar to a small (and extremely strange) country.

In the end, it’s the good ol’ femdom that brings you back to earth and reminds you that really, this is just a bunch of ladies from the Czech Republic who get paid to bash up older males and film it.

I do not think I would make a good and loyal citizen of the Other World Kingdom. It is not that I object to the notion of a fictitious femdom kingdom per se, but rather that I would feel compelled to take political events into my own hands once I were within its hallowed walls. Yes, I am talking about a revolution.

The current Queen of the OWK, Patricia, is never shown (in the public section at least). But in the public galleries she is variously pictured has having both brown and blonde hair. Now, feminine mystique is one thing but to my mind, a queen who will not show her face to the public is vulnerable to insurrection…

Especially considering that one of the lesser known sublime ladies of the court, bearing no particular title or rank of honour, is Madame Mia, who looks like this:


I know a strong leader when I see one. We need change and we need it now, people! Look at that stomach! Mia for Queen! Come and joing me in a new Prague Spring! We will overthrow the old regime and move forward into a new era of unparalleled prosperity based on our glorious five-year cunnilingus plan!

Ah, but already I can feel my revolutionary ardour cooling. Maybe we could all just stay home and surf the net instead…

Really the thing is: there’s real female sexual power, and then there’s plain old porn. And I don’t care how elaborate your coat of arms, this is plain old porn. For men.

I kinda like it, but I can’t take anything about it remotely seriously.

7 thoughts on “Madame Mia for Queen of OWK!

  1. Ha ha, another one, never been there, jealous to go, never gathering his courage 🙂 believe me one does not get a castle as a gift 🙂 and that’s exactly what happened here. Have you ever thought that seeing Her face is a privilege?
    And yes, you should be able to look up OWK’s business address in Czech Trade Register, it is public and it is not that hard, everyone with at least two brain cells should be able to do it.
    Think before post, Next time.

  2. “Have you ever thought that seeing Her face is a privilege?”

    No. I haven’t. And if you do you’re a sucker for media hype.

    “And yes, you should be able to look up OWK’s business address in Czech Trade Register, it is public and it is not that hard, everyone with at least two brain cells should be able to do it.”

    Please quote me the bit of my post where I said I felt unable to do this.

    “Think before post, next time.”

    Er…how about read before comment, next time?

  3. Madame Mia is an absulute Queen. I love her so much and my dream is to serve this wonderful Lady. Knows everyone where Madame Mia acts at this time?

  4. Steve, I sense that you measure female attractiveness by vanilla standards. Your post has that feel to it that you get when the writer has no real interest in Femdom.

    I’m sure that Madame Mia is every inch a queen, but in the D/s world there is less of an emphasis on the notion that the ideally attractive woman must be white, blonde and in her twenties.

  5. One more thing… I don’t think that the commercial element makes it just ‘porn’. People who are engaged in creative erotica don’t necessarily deligitamise what they do just because money is changing hands.

    We don’t tend to hold this view of authors, painters, musicians, actors and so on, so why Dommes?

    When a Buddhist retreat charges, does this make it just a cynical moneymaking ploy?

    People outside of the scene often just look at Femdom and snicker at what they assume is just tacky fun, not appreciating the fulfilment that many practitioners consider as spiritual. This is the case with the sub man and the Dom Woman.

    BTW, if you are into Femdom and I sound dismissive in my tone then apologies, obviously I don’t know you, it’s just that that’s what I took from your post.

  6. These comments are fair enough. I did write this a long time ago (almost 8 years) and would never write something like this now. It was supposed to be tongue in cheek but in hindsight just comes off as dismissive. I think I was looking for something on the internet, and just couldn’t really find it.

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