The End of All Blogs?

…well, really just the end of Hers Forever, or possibly just a hiatus, but whatever, Susan’s Pet has some interesting reasons for wanting to hang up his widgets:

I am not into narrow aspects of FLR or D/S to the extent that they would become the focus of my blog. Consequently, I don’t wish to compete with such blogs. FLR is still my purpose, but keeping an audience while limiting the topic to vanilla FLR is not rewarding enough for me, and not challenging enough to the readers. Just think: a couple of years ago FLR was radical. Today it is ho-hum unless you throw in some kinky sex (or lack of it!).

On the same day I found over on the forum a thread about why do submissive men blog? It’s all got me thinking about whether I want to keep this blog going, and what sort of place I want it to be. I guess there are so many blogs about femdom / FLR out there that a new one will hardly attract great attention, or really add much to the blogosphere. You can consider this my “why do I still blog” post. Everyone has to have one, sooner or later.

Well, it certainly isn’t for the massive readership or all the feedback. This blog currently chugs along at an ordinary 350 page hits a day, never having recovered from being taken off the master tag list by WordPress, and I suspect it will never get much higher than that. And I’ll never be a comment magnet either. I only ever to seem to get more than a few comments when I write that we’re in trouble.

In addition, many of my hits are just here for the pretty pictures via Google – something I fail to understand since all the pics are freely available on other more obvious sites, so why come to an oddball place like this? Gigi de Domai is up on like every other soft porn site out there. Why come here to read me gently mocking her absurd boobs? I suspect I have between ten and twenty readers that are not just image raiders.

Like Susan’s Pet, I feel like I have pretty much run of things to say regarding the struggle to establish a D/s relationship. I’m not saying my relationship is perfectly settled – far from it – but that I no longer feel there is much to be gained by documenting our up and downs, or detailing my wife’s increasing dominance. I guess I was only doing that because it helped me to sort through some basic issues, and it was new and exciting. Now we’re actually onto the “just shut up and do it already” part, blogging it all seems kind of lame.

But unlike SP, I do want to keep going here. The reason is quite simple: it gives me something to do, to indulge me in my interest in this style of sexuality, without obsessing over my relationship all the time. Honestly I think it’s a real saviour for Michelle in that way.

Plus, it’s fun and instructional. I’ve actually learned a lot about erotic / bdsm art since I started doing this and made some fun contacts via e-mail, and I’ve also managed to sort out in my own mind the relationships between kink, porn and FLR, and realise that I’m kinda fine with all of them provided I never get them confused. This blog has helped me to do that…

So, I’ve decided to stay up for the longer term. But there will generally be a lot less about the trials and tribulations of a newly fledged D/s relationship, and more of the posts about art, fantasy, chastity, tantra, clothing, furniture, hypnotism…and just plain old sex.

Have a fun weekend,


5 thoughts on “The End of All Blogs?

  1. I am glad to hear that you are going to keep your blog going. I too have wondered how long I should/can keep mine going. It has been very useful for me to put down in words what has been happening in my own relationship, and to recieve what for the most part have been helpful and insightful comments, albeit very few, and as you say mainly when things are going wrong. I dont have stats on my hits, but i suspect that the vast majority enjoy to read blogs like ours but are reluctant to contribute anything themselves.

    Probably the most important thing that I have got from blogging has been the ability to work things out in my mind as I write. Some of my most inspired thinking and changes to my attitude have come when I am writing, so to that end it has been a very useful exercise.

  2. I’m glad you’ve decided to keep going too.   I know that the incredibly few times kvetch has blogged, I’ve found it informative and helpful regarding what was going on with him.   I’m wondering if Michelle feels that your blog is similarly helpful to her.

    Also I was amazingly chuffed to learn that a professional writer had blogrolled me.   That felt so validating, thank you!   I enjoy some of your content more and some less, but I do feel it’s important to have a platform for self expression, especially if the self being expressed isn’t generally welcome elsewhere.   The wordpress policy on the master tag list is a case in point.   I have almost nothing on my blog which I consider to be truly unsafe for work, yet I’m off that tag list too.   There’s a blog there which is the only one that comes up for a “prostate milking” tag or category search, and it hasn’t got a 50th of the information on that topic that I’ve got.   But mine’s of that list, oh well.

    Ok, end tag list rant, sorry.   :p

    Anyhow, I enjoy your writing, and being on your blogroll.   I consider your blog to be one of the better representatives of this genre of blog, so I do hope you’ll continue.

    Best regards,

    Lubyanka.   🙂

    ps: If it makes you feel any better, I wasn’t getting anywhere near 350 pageloads a day until after my blog had been going for over a year.   Even now I don’t always get that many.   So please let that encourage you.   🙂

  3. Also I was amazingly chuffed to learn that a professional writer had blogrolled me. That felt so validating, thank you!

    Oh, hush. I do manage to make a decent living out of writing but I’m not sure that’s reflected here. Here, I just ramble on. I should probably edit that page.

    And, I added you because your blog is very amusing, even when covering some serious topics. There’s some heavy-hearted, and heavy-handed, femdom stuff out there. Yours aint it.

    Looking back I think I got de-tagged because of the porn. Or by an evil nemesis. Or maybe because I was using tags like “really long ridiculous tag that non-one will ever use again.” But I wouldn’t have thought you would have been a target. Unless one of your nemesises did it.

  4. Probably the most important thing that I have got from blogging has been the ability to work things out in my mind as I write.

    Yeah, I hear ya. In my case I have actually decided not to worry about thinking about it all the time, hence my decision to adopt a more ‘journalistic’ or ‘magazine’ blog style.

    BTW, If you keep writing I”ll keep reading.

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