More Than I Can Chew?

Since we went back into our D/s thing three weeks ago Michelle has not let me come. She’s barely even touched me. It’s all been about her. (Or, we’ve simply not been having sex.)

I thought she’d probably spin me out to a week or ten days like normal, but that milestone came and went with several orgasms for her and nothing at all for yours truly. Then at two weeks, I thought I was definitely due when she was giving me a hand job, but it was just a tease, and there was no orgasm then either. Now we’ve just come back from a weekend in the country for fuck’s sake and still no orgasm for me. So, at three weeks, this is entering new territory for us. We’ve never gone longer.

Maybe what’s changed is that we’ve agreed that schedules are out. She can deny me for as long as she likes without saying or explaining what when or why, and I can milk once a week if I want to. That’s the new deal, plain and simple. It’s better than the old way for sure.

Anyway, last night she thanked me for my chastity, a thing she has never done before. “Thanks for staying chaste. It’s sweet. I think you are really brave. I might even touch your dick sooner or later.”

“What? Brave? Why would I be brave?” I was nonplussed, which was obviously the idea.

“Taking on such a dangerous mission,” she said, giggling. I love it when she teases me, so much. I’d like an orgasm but it’s worth it not to have one, just to see that look on her face. It’s like: ‘You are a toy. There’s so much that you don’t know about what is going to happen to you. And I don’t have to tell you anything.’

Well, it’s true, I really don’t know. She might give me an orgasm tonight for all I know. But something tells me that if we keep this up, Michelle might turn out to be the kind of woman who, for her own capricious reasons, might almost never let me come. I hadn’t really anticipated this as she’s not that kinky on other ways but she does really seem to like the chastity. I think she particularly likes the fact that I will go to such lengths to control myself, just to please her. Maybe that’s why she’s not keen on devices (so far anyway). She wants it all to be about effort on my part.

Anyway right now I’m so horny I feel like I could lay an egg, and she’s lying on the couch watching television, looking, smelling, sounding, totally gorgeous. She exudes gorgeous. I just want to jump on her and fuck her until the next Olympics, or until solar power completely takes over from carbon. Instead I’ll probably wait round patiently until she asks me to come to bed and get her off. Or I’ll just end up doing the dishes.

It could be a long wait.


Edit three hours later. OK, so she made me come. We fucked for a while and I was pretty solid, but I would have been unable to make her come without coming myself, so eventually she rolled on to her stomach and finished the job with her fingers. When she was ready, she told me to go for it, but I actually managed not to come; God knows how, but I didn’t shoot. Then when she had drawn breath she demanded that I come because she wanted to feel it inside of her.

So I did, and she decided to come again while I did it. She is not normally a multi-orgasmic girl so we were kinda pleased.

Then she made me go do the dishes.

Upshot: I no longer feel like I need to lay an egg. Still not very sleepy, though.

3 thoughts on “More Than I Can Chew?

  1. A HUGE part of male chastity, orgasm conrol and a wife led marriage is that the woman acknowledges it.

    She did. It was obvious that she was thinking about it and your conversations confirmed it.

    Lucky you.

  2. I think she particularly likes the fact that I will go to such lengths to control myself, just to please her. Maybe that’s why she’s not keen on devices (so far anyway). She wants it all to be about effort on my part.

    Mrs. Edge will agree with the first part – she loves it when I’m visibly exerting myself to hold back. But she does enjoy the devices because of the added level of control.

    And Steve’s right – lucky you that she acknowledges the situation.

  3. Yeah. she’s always acknowledged it, ever since I raised it about three years ago. It’s taken a while to get to this point though, where she acts on it so readily. Turns out patience is a virtue, as well as a card game.

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