Found Femdom, Hidden Maledom

Unspeakable Axe’s found femdom flickr photostream is:

  1. Here
  2. Tested by a rigorous penile selection process
  3. No doubt a complete revelation to all of you
  4. A front for an organized crime ring
  5. Well known for years, to everyone except me
  6. Pretty interesting
  7. Not quite the same as his femdom photo collection

(Tick all that apply).

I recall being horrified, in about 1994, seeing an ad on television in which a generic “goddess” type woman was pictured with her feet resting on the heads of some bronzed, kneeling hunks. One of the men attempted to raise his head and it was quickly pushed back down again. At this stage, I was still recovering from the relationship with the girl who wanted to dominate me but also hated herself for it. Seeing that ad was really not what I needed at the time…but I also recall being strangely compelled. I would sit open-mouthed with fury / fascination every time it came on. (I can’t remember the product but I think it was sunglasses.)

Now I return to such images with amusement. I’m no longer threatened. I kind of like it…

My only qualm (with the media, not with the photostream itself) is about what we are not seeing. If it is ‘risque’ but basically acceptable media practice to show sexualized female domination of the male, then what is the problem with a maledom advertising campiagn?

I’m certainly not saying the media is not sexist towards women. Masses of product is sold by quite exploitative images of women. But it is passive and generalised; a man cannot be shown to be directly in control of a woman. Instead, we receive male dominated images through the filter of our entire culture, a culture which celebrates women’s sexuality as an object of the collective male gaze. No-one is dominating anyone in particular, supposedly. Women are just being dominated in general. Which is not sexy at all, really.

So, maledom in the media must be so covert while femdom can be explicit. Bummer. But you can kind of see why. Imagine an advertising campaign in which a man sat on his wife while he watched television? Or a man whose wife polished his black shoes while he looked aloof and godlike?

Maybe things are changing but I cannot see roles reversed in this photo any time really soon – not in mainstream advertising, anyway. And I’m not sure how I feel about that. On one hand, images like this, but with submissive women, could be less sexist, and more sexy, than the general male media sexual consumption of all women.

But, thinking about it, it could also be revolting.

The real problem with such a movement would be that, even though it might originate within the alternative sexuality community, it would give liscence to some pretty awful patriacrchal men to indulge in ‘female slave’ advertising that would not be coming from a good place at all.

So perhaps maledom advertising had best stay hidden for the time being.

PS – any media knowsters out there who have examples of overt maledom media, I’d like to see them. Are they sexy?