Questions on the Lineage of Gigi de Domai

Oh Gigi! Remember that day, down by the river? How polite I was, to your erstwhile lover, treating him with all due civility, yet all the while not once revealing that it was you, oh my radiant angel, who had captured my attention. What a a fool was he, to allow me to befriend the pair of you, and thus get closer to the the only girl I have ever truly stalked loved.

But now there is something I must know, something dark and truly wonderful. I want you to tell me the story of your birth, Gigi de Domai.

For the two of us know that “Domai” is but a moniker, a pseudonym, to disguise your real heritage. But it is true, isn’t it, my thoroughbred darling? You are descended from the czarinas. You are a member of the House of Romanov. Say it is so, and my love for you will be sealed.

How is it that I know? Oh, I have my sources. For one thing, your image bears a striking resemblance to the tragic royal line. It is true the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanov escaped, did she not? And you, oh Gigi, are not merely her living descendant, but her living image? Here are the two of you as teens…



And it is not merely the Duchess (your grandmother?) that you resemble. Your great aunt Tatiana is also a striking likeness. Would that I could remove that stately bodice and see the similarities in your physique, also!



Your other great aunt Olga also bears more than a passing resemblance. How tragic to think of them, innocents killed for the sins of their forebears, in an attempt to stamp out the House forever! But it survived, a single seed hidden in darkness for many years and now but lately come to flower in YOU.



Oh, how hard it must have been for you, to conceal the truth all these years. But now that I know, I wonder how could I have not guessed, being as I am such an ardent admirer of the Romanov line and so well versed in their history? It beggars belief, to think that you have passed unnoticed all these years, with the truth of the matter so plain to see for anyone prepared to do but half an hour’s research into the matter.

But I promise I will not tell a soul. Your secret is entirely safe. Oh my darling, and there are those that would do you harm if they knew of your intention to depose Putin, overthrow communism and restore the Russian throne. So you must bide your time, avoiding attention, posing as a normal nude model. But know that you will live on in your rightful place as Queen of My Heart, while we wait, patiently, until the time is right….