Orgasm Denial: Mine, or Hers?

I confessed to Michelle on Tuesday last week that I had given myself a ‘sneak’ orgasm the previous night (using a Remmington sports massager, in point of fact). This was the first time I had ever come from vibrations and the results were spectacular, and, so I thought, probably worth the severe reprimand and the extended period of denial that would follow.

I was gravely mistaken. Michelle has worked out that in terns of orgasm denial, mine isn’t really much of a punishment. Hers is what counts. So, she’s decided to have her next three orgasms on her own, without even allowing me a sniff of the action.

Three! That could take ages!

I haven’t come since, and she has in fact given me an amazing time in bed with hand lotion, the sort of thing I described here, but then when I didn’t come, and I didn’t get to give her an orgasm either, well, that cut deep.

What makes it worse (i.e. more sexy) is that despite my begging, she will not tell me anything about where she is up to, if she is planning to have one, or even if she has already had one, or two. As far as I know she hasn’t even started yet. Her delighted grin is impossible to read. She is finding the whole thing very amusing.

I will not be having any sneak orgasms again.

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