All in the Family (with Kami Tora)

The last installment in my 3-part series of femdom folly stories about Gyna, a female-run empire, with illustrations courtesy of Kami Tora. You may read parts 1 and 2 before you read this one.

So, like I told you last time I went out to work and my wife stayed home, saying she might find another job sometime maybe, but she was quite happy for me to support us for the time being. So as it turned out, I ended up doing pretty much the same sort of work as my brothers without realizing it. And I got by OK with just the personal service training. I just realised, haven’t told you much about them have I?

My oldest brother, John, took professional service. So instead of learning about refractions and stamina and all that, he got to work with computers and wore a suit and got himself a job as an office assistant. The pay and conditions were pretty good he said, but when he started, he wouldn’t want to get the bosses mad or it’d be a while til he’d want to sit down again.


After a few years he got married and they stopped picking on him so much, I guess his wife must have had a word with them and said she wanted some left for her when he got home, so they backed off. They were quite the couple for a while, him with the fancy office job and her a famous DJ. He lorded it over the rest of us I gotta say. Still never liked sitting down much, though.


Then of course, she got sick of the DJ thing, and his bosses at the office sacked him to get someone younger and unmarried, so he ended doing a stint advertising exactly the same kind of products I’d been doing. He wasn’t so smug after that.


The middle brother, Dan, got the physical service job. Technically this was supposed to be roadwork, building and construction, that sort of thing, a demanding job for a big lad and they eased off on you with the other stuff as a way of compensation, and so they didn’t wear you out. Thing was, his girlfriend (now wife) had other ideas and used to send him to do extra work to the same sorts of ‘sample’ places to which my wife sent me. We never solved the mystery of what they wanted it all for. Maybe they made face cream? Hand lotion?


Out of all three of us, he probably got the prettiest wife, but man, she was hardcore. Always with a smile, though, never angry. She was ruthless. I doubt he was allowed release a single time after they got hitched. She wouldn’t keep him in a device but wouldn’t let him go to the edge, either. He told me once she caught him with porn, antique stuff from before the declaration, just looking, not even touching, and, well, lets just say he didn’t do a lot of sitting down either.


Anyway, they moved out of Gyna and down to the colonies, just last year. She said they needed real men down there, and she was going to take him and show them what one looked like. They’ve settled in New Frenum, we get postcards every now and again. I think she’s still showing him off to hick locals for a kick.


Really I think I got the best deal. My wife’s a sweetheart in comparison. And I don’t have to live with hicks that haven’t worked it out yet. I live right here, in Gyna, where everyone knows the score.

(The End).