Together In Electric Dreams

I haven’t been in much of a blogging mood lately; 3 kilos of wine and chocolate bloat have squashed my desire to communicate with the wider world, and anyway, the only really notable thing to report has been that Michelle reached the end of her “three orgasm embargo” a while back, and has asked me to give her several more. She even allowed me one last night, achieved in the same manner as my illegal orgasm of two weeks ago; the sports massager.

I lay half on her, half off  her, with my clothes on, while she applied the end of the massager to her pussy, with her panties on to spread the stimulation. I positioned myself so that some of the vibrations went through into the base of my dick, and then she thrust her hips upward, so that the vibrator pressed more fully into me, so I got waves of stimulation timed with her own. We kissed, and writhed around groaning and giggling while the noisy buzzer did its work. We rarely use vibrators, but now we have discovered the potential for mutuality, I think we might be doing it a bit more.

Part of the appeal is that we can do it together, but she will come much faster than me. She was leading the dance, ahead of me all the way, all the thrusting was her. On this occasion, she got where she was going way faster than I did, and then once she’d caught her breath, she threatened not to let me come, but eventually relented after some timely begging, of which I am not remotely ashamed. I’ve discovered I like orgasms from vibrations on the base of my dick, and last night I really wanted to feel it again, under legitimate, sanctioned circumstances.

Maybe the best way I can describe it is like riding a wave all the way to the shore. Anything that directly stimulates my head and glans makes me come really hard, but I have to get off the wave straight away, as I can’t bear more stimulation just after I’ve ejaculated. But with this, I could ride the wave for much longer, into the shallows, till the feeling totally subsided. It was great.

But I’m still less obedient and pleasant to be around the day after I’ve come, Michelle tells me. Nothing’s changed there.

Anyway, hope you had a good Easter, holiday, whatever you do. This was one of the high points of mine.