Mars: Lost Inside You

There’s a Ukrainian artist going by the name of ‘Mars’ whose stuff is up over at I’m not a big fan of many of the works – a lot of it is a bit cheesy, and the style is very photo-realistic – but there’s some images that have D/s overtones or connotations, in particular, this image, Lost Inside You, which I have seen all over the internet in a variety of contexts:

I dig this. I had in mind this as an avatar at one point but eventually opted for the reclining legs instead. The thing is, I saw it long before I knew it was by Mars. I’d bet most people who have seen this have no idea who did it either. That’s the risk of internet fame, I guess. The image has become completely separated from the reputation of its creator, and is carried along by its own power.

Anyway there’s a few more that are worth a look, but there’s nothing like Lost Inside You, which is a real one off. I wonder if he copied it from another image?

SM (crossposted on Kinkysexlink a while back…)