What’s the Deal with Realless?

I gotta say, the set-up and starter navigation of the RealLess FemDom Club is a bit of a mystery to me (just to begin with I have no idea what Realless means and none of the sites tell you). I’ve been wondering for a while what’s the best way to link up the freely available sections of the site. In the course of writing this post I’ve decided not to bother changing anything much.

This page is the one that first got my attention. There’s a series of 17 photo renderings, some of which are alright, and then a link to a second page with a further 17 in the same style, with some Namio adaptations towards the end. It’s got free site hosting on Freebesthost, with no name, no copyright notices, and a bunch of arbitrary links to some femdom top lists in the right hand bar (this one is worth a look, I admit). Hmmm. Here’s the style…

Also under the name RealLess FemDom is this site at Sexycybergirls, which is another free host connected to the BXDX adult entertainment network. The main style is totally different, looking a bit like the 3D realism on Femdom Chronicles.


A better entry point for freebies is here which is the one I’ve had in my links hitherto. There are some OK free galleries here, but some links lead you to toplists, some to the Cyberage verification service, while others still lead you back to the front page and the invitation to join BXDX again. A lot of the pictures are by Namio, except for on the page which is actually named after Namio, which doesn’t feature any of his drawings!…but does have a lot more links to add to the maze. RealLess or RealMess? I wish they’d get the front of the building in better shape, then maybe I’d want to go inside.

One final thing worth mentioning: there’s a REalLess collection which is here, and appears to be a series of Namio drawings with “RealLess Collection” written on them.

Hey, that’s an idea! Perhaps instead I should make my own MayLess Collection!

Or I could just use the perfectly good one at imagefap and be done with it. Seriously, why pay for art that’s free somewhere else?

4 thoughts on “What’s the Deal with Realless?

  1. )) в интернете сегодня много странных сайтов подписаны ReaLLess .. Этот ник уже невозможно защитить. Моих сайтов в сети сегодня нет. Но я почти готов сделать новый сайт с новым содержанием ..

  2. Translation from the Russian:

    “On the Internet today many strange sites are signed ReaLLess. This of Nikas cannot be protected. My sites in a network today are not present. But I am almost ready to make a new site with a new content..”

    Ahah. That would explain the maze of sites with different syles.

    Good luck with your new site. Tell me, is your old site (the one by Nikas) the photo rendering one, the computer art one, or another one?

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