4 thoughts on “What’s the Deal with Realless?

  1. )) в интернете сегодня много странных сайтов подписаны ReaLLess .. Этот ник уже невозможно защитить. Моих сайтов в сети сегодня нет. Но я почти готов сделать новый сайт с новым содержанием ..

  2. Translation from the Russian:

    “On the Internet today many strange sites are signed ReaLLess. This of Nikas cannot be protected. My sites in a network today are not present. But I am almost ready to make a new site with a new content..”

    Ahah. That would explain the maze of sites with different syles.

    Good luck with your new site. Tell me, is your old site (the one by Nikas) the photo rendering one, the computer art one, or another one?

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