Mistress Wife – Check!

Things are pretty good round our way. We’re well over the move, I’m settled in at work, Michelle likes being at home, and we’re off on a holiday in May. Looks like all the things we wished for at the end of last year are coming to pass.

To begin with, my work situation here is looking more and more solid. I’ve had something major accepted for publication, which should swell the balances nicely, and as far as the contract work goes, I’m in there until the middle of next year, with fairly solid promises of another 18 months after that. So, I can relax. It is weird and unnerving to be trying to find work security, but that’s what you get when you move around. In this situation, the work was there, and ultimately so was the money to pay for it, but everyone has been just so damn cagey with the economic crisis that things which would normally have been rubber-stamped were scrutinized and delayed for months. But that’s over now; I’m one of the lucky ones who can ride this whole thing out in pretty secure employment.

The upshot of that is that Michelle can stays home, plot and plan for her future, without having to worry about finding work, essentially for as long as she feels like. I find that really sexy. I love being able to fully support her.

So, I can check the Mistress Wife fantasy of the to-do list. And, how do I feel about having a stay-at-home mistress wife, going out and earning the money and then doing housework while she’s in the bath? How do I feel about going out to work and then staying home cooking while she goes out drinking with her girlfriends? How do I feel about her periodically spending chunks of our extra income on jewelry, clothes and haircuts?

It’s awesome. But only because I know it won’t last forever.

I went into the whole thing knowing that my wife will not stay at home indefinitely. She’s too proud, and too ambitious, to allow herself to become objectified in that way, even if she is enjoying it in the short term. More to the point, I probably wouldn’t last the distance, anyway. I’d get tired and demoralized if I thought it was going to be this way forever. And finally, I don’t even do all the housework, not by a long shot. She still does loads of it, and gets me to do my share on weekends or in the evenings when I’m not too tired.

That’s my take on the whole mistress wife / male worker and domestic slave idea. It’s a nice thing to be able to do for her, to give her a long, restful break from working life and support her domestically, too. But she’s not the sort of woman who will allow it to continue, losing herself in mundane things and ultimately becoming obsessed with gossip and handbags.

And I wouldn’t be prepared to do this for her if she was.