Queenly Dignity

“I love it when you are chaste,” says Michelle, “but it sure does make you pesky.”

And by pesky, she means grabby.

I know I’m not the only guy in a femdom relationship to have wandering paws. The desire builds up after a mere two days of chastity, and I want to punctuate every hour spent with her with physical contact of some sort, while we’re out walking, doing the shopping, while she’s cooking, or while we’re watching some edgy TV show whose contents do not inspire cuddling in any but the most hormone-addled.

To counteract this grabby tendency, Michelle has introduced the concept of Queenly Dignity, or ‘QD’ in code when we’re in public. Queenly Dignity means, in essence, the right to be adored from afar, without having her person accosted every time she turns around. It means that she will have as much affection as she wants and no more. It means that she will not be prevailed upon, especially in public, to be the subject of my frisky attentions, unless she requests it.

I’m getting better at respecting this. When we started this last year I made regular encorachments on her Queenly Dignity and was often reprimanded. Now, it’s more like the occassinal foray. Like today, when she fucked me on a chair, came her brains out, then made me do housework while she read in the sunshine. All day after that I wanted to touch her, and approached her several times. Eventually, she gave the sign. “Remember my Queenly Dignity” she said quietly. I backed off at once, and have kept my hands where they belong for the remainder of the day.

I’ll have to try harder next time this happens. God, she is gorgeous though.