Hi folks,

After a busy few months, things have come to a standstill here due to increasing preassure at work and I thought it was time I said something.

AS regards to the female led action, there’s actually a fair bit to say, so this is nothing like my last hiatus, thankfully, but I’d like to do it justice, and at the moment I just haven’t got the time. So, expect some posting in July, after June deadlines, and that’s when I’ll be up on KSL as well.


Anyone for Hotwifing?

Like I said last time in this incredibly slow blogging month, I have been geeting a lot of hits from a thread at the Our Hot Wives message board and headed over there to check it out. I have to say, I like it, but it’s…challenging.

I feel compelled again to say that Michelle is hot but not a hotwife, and that seriously, I could in no way handle a hotwifing / cuckolding relationship. My jealousy would be too great to bear.

I have absolutely nothing at all against it if other couples decide that the woman can go out and get screwed senseless while the man says at home locked up and waiting for her to come home. I can happily fantasize about there being women in the world who are like that. For some reason, that’s hot.

But I cannot fantasize about being the guy in that situation without everything going pretty soft and and unresponsive down there in Dickland. And if it won’t work in a fantasy, it certainly isn’t going to work in real life. There…that’s my totally phallocentric view of the whole thing.

I guess the cool thing for me is that Michelle has expressed absolutely no interest in such an idea, either. She just wouldn’t like it. So, I get to be submissive and have my own way, too. And honestly, I have to try so hard keeping my inner sex beast at bay – the one that is always wanting to jump on her and fuck her – that I think if I had to deal with jealously about another man getting to do that, and me not getting to do it, I’d lose the plot totally.

So, bring on the hotwives, and post pictures please, but I will not be joining that particular kinkulture any time soon.


FFF has Gone Offline…

Just a quick note to say that the Fetish Furniture Factory, supplier of many of my Queening images and ideas, seems to have gone offline. I know Vanessa had so many takers she wasn’t accepting new members, so it’s possible the whole thing has gotten unweildy. Or maybe she has new and bigger plans. But for the time being, there’s nothing at the other end of that link, folks.

I posted this because I’ve had a lot of hits from the hotwives message board coming here specifically to look at the Queening posts. I don’t want you folks to go away empty-handed, but I’m afraid that’s the situation.

And for the record, my wife is hot, but not a hot wife. Go figure.