FFF has Gone Offline…

Just a quick note to say that the Fetish Furniture Factory, supplier of many of my Queening images and ideas, seems to have gone offline. I know Vanessa had so many takers she wasn’t accepting new members, so it’s possible the whole thing has gotten unweildy. Or maybe she has new and bigger plans. But for the time being, there’s nothing at the other end of that link, folks.

I posted this because I’ve had a lot of hits from the hotwives message board coming here specifically to look at the Queening posts. I don’t want you folks to go away empty-handed, but I’m afraid that’s the situation.

And for the record, my wife is hot, but not a hot wife. Go figure.


One thought on “FFF has Gone Offline…

  1. I’m right here, as is my website. 🙂

    Yes, I, and it, were gone for a bit. There was a situation with hosting/recession/Bush-fatigue/Merlot/upcoming-Mayan-calendar/a certain local Italian restaurant/adipose related to aforementioned restaurant/found-new-lover-with-a-really-big-(as in massive)-dick etc, but thats all over and done with. 🙂

    Thanks for your support and kind words though Steve.

    P.S. Got any pics of your wife who is hot, lol? 🙂

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