Rodzo and Strict Susan: A Good Match?

There’s many places to get hold of works by well known Femdom artist Rodzo. He used to have a webby but it’s down now. Some folks say he is dead…

While he was active he had a relationship of some kind with an internet domme Strict Susan, who displays a number of his artworks full size, together with much longer text on the same theme.

I have to say I’m unsure about this creative relationship. Like I said, the caption here is pretty much all the illustration needs.


She’s got nice legs, she’s in charge, and she wants to keep him where he is. We get it. But Ms Susan’s full text runs over a thousand words to draw this out. Here is about a tenth of the text she provides.

Now that hope had faded and here he was again, lying flat on the top of her desk in only his underwear with the strong leather straps binding his ankles together and holding his wrists firmly to his thighs.

“I know how keen you are for promotion, John,” she told him as she settled herself comfortably onto his face, “But I really feel you need more experience in your present position.”

He tried to reply, but his words were muffled underneath her.

“I don’t think you could cope with the demands of the London office at the moment,” she went on. “Although perhaps if I gave you some more intensive training you might be ready for it in a few weeks.”

She shifted her position, pressing down over his mouth and nose. “Ah,” she murmured as his tongue worked just the way she wanted, “Perfect.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the facesitting thing, but the basic idea here is pretty simple; you can see it all in the picture, and I’m not sure what’s being added by the extra text. It’s not badly-written, just a little superfluous, in my view.

I get that the whole thing is a cross-promotion…she’s a story writer trying to get her words to his audience, and vice versa. But I guess really what I’m looking for is properly illustrated, character-driven fiction  where the plot actually goes somewhere, by an artist with a style I admire.  And you’re not going to get that from lengthy text designed to illustrate a single, static image.

I note that Rodzo and Susan have teamed up recently (2007-8?) to do an E-book of short stories named Rodzo’s Torment. Twelve tales about men who have things done to them, illustrated by Rodzo, sounds promising. I think I may break a long-standing thrift habit and buy it to see if it is any better than the single images “one offs” on her site…

PS – I have contacted Rodzo and Susan by e-mail to ask if they had any coment on their work together but no joy so far. I do, however, have an e-mail interview with FD writer Eosuchus coming up in the next post so stay tuned for that…

Steve M.

2 thoughts on “Rodzo and Strict Susan: A Good Match?

  1. His website has been down for ages and Mistress Susan told me a while back she has not heard from him in a long time.

    As for actually being dead…you serious?

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