An Aardvark Submits…

Note the name change? I did that so next time somebody carefully compiles an alphabetised list of all the femdom blogs out there, I’m gonna be right at the top, for better or worse!!!

Or, just below Aarkeybabble, actually.

I'm just a naturally submissive, aardvark, looking for love...

It's just not fair! Why can't I find a decent submissive, male porcupine. I just keep meeting these bloody aardvaarks.

In real news, things are going very silly at work again and I’m finding there’s just too little time to do this blog right. Obviously if my leisure time is limited and using it is a toss up between blogging or actually spending time with Michelle, she’s always going to beat the computer.

We still have periods of fun, sexy D/s activity, laughter, rough sex, bossiness and demands of service, and then periods where there’s not much to speak of at all and we get busy with other stuff. 

I guess it is indicative of where I am at that I haven’t even felt like reporting that on here, as though it were “news”. It’s not news, it’s just my ongoing relationship, and it seems so normal now, so naturally cyclical; in fact I can’t even imagine how I used to think it would be full on all the time.  

So anyway, I don’t want to shut this thing down, but at the same time, I don’t really want to do something half-baked either. I can’t really see myself posting more than about once or twice a month, and most of the posts I want to do now are art reviews or fantasy stuff.

More to the point, I don’t often read other blogs any more, and when I do, I mostly don’t find myself with much to say. I’m kinda coming to the conclusion that after a while, there really isn’t very much to say about an ongoing D/s relationship, unless you record every grizzly detail. It’s enjoyable, but my feelings of wanting to make everything known have dwindled. I guess my private life has become… private again.

I’ll be back from time to time, I suppose.


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