Twenty-Five Blogs by Dominant Women

Just today, I decided to make a list of all the femdom blogs by dominant women that I could find…in half an hour. I did this in response to some stuff going on on Ranat’s blog, Beyond the Hills (linked below).

I can’t actually form a proper critical analysis of these, because, y’know, I haven’t really read most of them. I guess I could come up with something, but it would be like, I’d have to already have pre-set notions of what I was looking for and then read  just enough to confirm those. I’d have to stereotype them, basically.

But that wasn’t my intention, so I just went to E of V, Femdom weblogs and a few other places and copied the links. (Really the only thing I learned from doing this is that it would have actually been more work to remove the hyperlink, so I’m going to back off on that particular subject).

Anyway, here goes:

  1. Honey’s Hive
  2. Lady Lubyanka’s Dublin Dominage
  3. Mistress Lady Evyl
  4. Whip Appeal
  5. Devastating Yet
  6. Beyond the Hills
  7. Bitchy Jones Diary
  8. Blanche Black
  9. Sensual Femdom
  10. A year of teasing and denial
  11. Slavery Will Set You Free
  12. Ms M. & Her Chastised Male
  13. Evil Torturing Angel ( @ blogspot)
  14. Mistress Milliscent
  15. A Place To Draw Blood Laughing
  16. Domme Chronicles
  17. Dark Mistress
  18. Catwomanslair (and check her blogroll for dozens more)
  19. A Dom’s life for me
  20. 21st Century Goddess
  21. E is for Eclectic
  22. Mistress 160 (@ Blogspot)
  23. From Mundane to Mistress
  24. Mistress Matisse’s Journal

Etc, etc…

I’m sure I could find lots more if I really wanted to tie myself down here.  Hundreds, actually, especially if I included all the pro-dommes, and let’s face it they have a pretty big influence on the shape of the blogosphere.

But I just wanted to demonstrate that the notion that the femdom blogosphere is somehow ‘dominated’ by all these malesub blogs isn’t really the case, at all. Plenty of good, and bodgy, content by women up there, if you want to seek it out.

So, if anyone really wanted to construct a negative anaysis of popular memes in femdom blogs by women, that would be quite easy. Feel free.

3 thoughts on “Twenty-Five Blogs by Dominant Women

  1. Uh, sure, no problems. (;

    BTW I hadn’t actually read Ranat’s most recent comment on her blog when I wrote this so the tone is still a little snarky. I am mollified since then.

    I’ll be back at some point to stick up pictures of roller derby girls.


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