One Year, A Hundred Thousand Page Views

By the time I next log into this blog, it is going to have reached 100k in terms of page views. This is set to happen just short of my first birthday as a blogger on September 4th. Probably this acheivement is small fry compared to some of the uberblogs, but I’m still kinda pleased with the way things are going here. So I figured I’d celebrate the double milestone by putting up one of my favourite pieces of femdom art down the bottom of the post…

But first, a look at the stats:

My top referrer is At All Times, by a huge margin. I get up to 50 views a day off that guy, if I have just posted. His blog must be  popular, I guess. Thanks.

My top referee (?) is Miss Honey, and Whip Appeal is alo quite a popular click out of here. Generally, links to femdom blogs by women get well used, and my list a few posts ago is used repeatedly. Menz sure do l-o-v-e them some womenz!

Rodzo at Strict Susan and Male Submission Art are my top art clicks, although the posts on Lickorish, Georgie Tier and Vanja also have been well read and those links clicked quite a lot. People also went crazy over my post and link up to Femdom Art Ru on the Wayback Machine but that seems to have gone off the boil just lately.

My best month was actually July just gone, with about 12000 views. The blog has been slowly gaining views since I got de-tagged in October and is now up to around 350 a day.

My top search terms are ‘Kami Tora’  with 2500 views, and then ‘Kamitora’, and unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of action on those posts, although the winner in terms of the most read post is actually my single Namio post, with 4,647 views. People also like the Gigi Letters and the Polish Girlfriend stuff, and there’s still some regular action on the Queening Chair posts as well. In fact these ‘stock’ posts mean that I get about three quarters as many views when I do not post as when I do.

What’s the verdict? Judging from all of that, this place looks like a femdom art, humor and soft porn blog. And I kinda like that, so it’s the direction I’m headed in as I go into year 2.

If there’s anything you want to see on here in the way of art or fantasy let me know. I don’t mind plugging your stuff  – art, furniture, clothing, whatever – just so long as it’s hot, or writing you an illustrated fantasy like I did for Frank O. And I’m always on the look out for a potential collaboration with a good artist looking to do some bdsm narrative work.

And in terms of Life with Michelle…I’ll continue to post about her from time to time, but mostly what you need to know is that she’s hot, and I’m happy.

Life is to enjoy…



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