Fantasy Domme: Ms Stiles When Young

Back around the year 2000, Ms Julia Stiles was so hot I nearly caught on fire whenever I saw her.

It might have been the fiesty character she played in that one good movie she was in, Ten Things. I regret her ultimate taming in that film.

Or maybe it was just that she hadn’t fully made it in Hollywood yet and still looked kinda hungry and a little angry, not just younger, but thinner in the face, meaner, and nothing like some of the smug pampered starlets that were around at the time.

I mentioned a while back that physically, I tend to like either slender blonde girls or well-built dark ones. Ms Stiles is almost an archetype of the first variety, with a willfulness about her that I was only just starting realise that I was attracted to…mag012

She lost it for a while, became a normal girl, with the bobby hair, the forced smile, and the whole look of her was like she belonged to Hollywood, like they owned her.

Recently she’s regained some of her charm, turning away from Hollywood to do stage acting and art-house flicks; but I’ll always remember her best when she was this strange new girl on the scene, willowy, capricious  and not belonging  to anyone or anything at all  just yet. I liked her fine that way.  mag034It was…those amazing dark eyes!



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