Once Bitten…

Michelle is really into biting my lips.

Like, really, really  into it.

If she’s feeling horny or dominant or frisky or whatever, my bottom lip gets a good solid gnawing. This has only started up in the last few months or so.

Usually this is a good indication that something is going to happen later that night, so in a Pavlovian sense, I guess I like it.  It kinda hurts, though.

She doesn’t do it when we are fucking so much. Then she usually goes for my nipples or backside or my ears. I think the lip biting is more for around the house. Kind of a domestic thing.

I like these photos. A woman biting a guy’s lips is hot to me.

There’s a meme out there about lip biting as a sexual signal from women to guys but women biting their own lips often looks coquettueish.

Really I’d rather look at woman biting a guy’s lips than her own.

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