A Pain in the Back

It would seem that Chastity Bono has lower back pain, and also that the Chaste Tree Berry is good for lower back pain. In addition, many of the companies that sell chastity belts also sell back braces.

But apart from that, the internet cupboard is a bit bare when it comes to mentions of male chastity and back pain.

Sure, a lot of guys mention slight pain and discomfort in the lower back as a result of a swollen prostate, but blue balls are usually the main symptom here and the back pain is only considered a minor deal.

Thing is, I no longer get blue balls. In fact I no longer get insomnia either, that much. And the emotional weird-outs I described last year are fading away too. Basically, I  have no health or mental dramas with being chaste, most of the time. But the back pain – around the region of my coccyx and my SIJ – comes after a period of about two or three days and hangs around like…well, like a pain in the back, really.

An orgasm seems to soothe it so maybe it is muscle cramping around my prostate. Alternately, when I am denied I spend too long on the internet, and the pain is postural. Either way, it is damn annoying.

(Note – this was written after a period in which I have been allowed to orgasm. Michelle has just put me back into chastity again so we will see how things develop  with the insomnia and other issues. But already, I’m feeling that nagging twinge when I sit down at my desk. It’s a drag.)


2 thoughts on “A Pain in the Back

  1. I get the same thing. Exactly the same thing. When you say “back into chastity”, are you saying you’re wearing a device? I guess I thought you didn’t do that. Maybe I missed a memo along the way..

    Anyhoo, I’ve assumed the pain was caused by the device I wear pushing the erection back into my body and pressing against something internal. I really feel it during that one, incredibly stiff morning erection at about 4:30, not so much the rest of the day. I’ve never considered it connected to the prostate so much.

    With regard to insomnia and the emotional weird-outs, I still have that. Alas.

  2. Hi Thumper.

    No, I have never worn a device. For the simple reason that Miss M has never asked me to. I’ll post about this soon.

    I am ‘back into it’, as in, there was a period there where she was letting me come, but now I’m not allowed to do so.

    So, my back pain cannot be anything to do with cramped erections as mine can swing freely!!!

    Like I said I think it is muscle cramp around my prostate.

    Stretching exercises help.

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