Just Relax and Let the Feelings Come

Michelle took me to bed last night and started to give me a pretty thorough hand-job; not to orgasm, but just to get me nice and hard.

After a few moments, I started to tense up my legs and abdomen – I guess lots of guys do this, as a way or “rushing” or focusing the sensation of orgasm. I wasn’t even really aware I was doing it until she pointed it out.

“You are tensing up too much. Lie still,” commands she, sounding a little bit like a yoga teacher.  “Just relax. Let your back get heavy. Drop your bottom into the pillow. Let your head get heavy.  Just relax.”

She keeps up the hand job, telling me sexy things about her own body, and smiling down at me. I could smell her. She smelled warm and relaxed. It was all really good, but every time I start to get excited, I tensed up the muscles in my legs again. “Relax,” she said each time. “Imagine your dick is floating out on its own. Everything else is heavy.” And she pushed me gently into the mattress, keeping up the speed with her other hand.

After a while it really did feel like that, like my cock was somehow unconnected to my body. It was responding only to her touch, and had nothing to do with my desire to push towards orgasm.

“That’s it,” she said. “Good relaxing. That’s a skill that every man should have.”

She’s a smart lady. I don’t want to press the analogy to hard, but “just relax and let the feelings come” is pretty good advice for a submissive man in chastity.

Anyway it all went on for quite a while longer and it all left me feeling spaced out and dopey, and like my erection no longer belonged to me, but was some part of my body I was keeping for her.

I begged to give her an orgasm, but she just asked me to hold her, so I did, and touched her warm soft skin as lovingly as I could.


3 thoughts on “Just Relax and Let the Feelings Come

  1. Hi I found a picture of Scarlett Johansseon supposedly from your site. It is very pretty. But what was your commentary about it? I mean, what was the context?

    William Blake

  2. William.

    I linked the photo up in a post called ‘Once Bitten’. It is not on my site, I just linked to it.

    Scarlett is biting her lip in that photo. The post was about women biting lips, generally. You could search the archive and read it if you want to know what it is about.

    PS: Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night. What’s that all about, dude?


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