Holes in the Internet

OK I admit it; and it must have been obvious, too. I have spent a fair amount of time searching the internet. And I haven’t just been looking for new femdom art, but also for  ‘good quality’ femdom porn images (sic). I’m only really talking about free stuff, although if I find god pay sites, I usually give the tour a look over.

I have partly done this because I’m perverted and because I like looking at new things, but a major reason I’ve look for good femdom porn is because I almost cannot believe that there are so many niches around that are not properly catered for. The internet is totally vast, but it’s imbalanced. It’s like there are these great big holes, places where everyone thinks that no-one else wants to look there.

I mentioned one of these a while back: a Google image search for “facesitting” (quotes included) yields about 295,000 hits! A search for “queening chair” yields only 290, and most of these are not actually of a queening chair. Basically, it’s very easy to find images of face-sitting (in which the woman often looks very uncomfortable), and almost impossible to find galleries of queening chairs actually being used.

Over the past year I have identified several more of these holes. Here goes:

Femdom Bukakke

I didn’t even bother Googling either ‘bukkake’ or ‘cumshot’ because I already know the hits would number in the zillions. It is almost as though Western men fear that their universe will cease to exist unless many of them spend time each day viewing images of women with fresh semen on their faces. It is like some new cultural imperative.

But try finding shots of a group of women ejaculating on a man. Try it. An image search on “femdom bukkake” (with quotes) yields 299 hits, and none of these are what it actually describes. Related searches are no help. There are quite a few images of individual woman squirting on guys but more often than not, it is urine.

I recall once seeing an outdoor shoot of a group of pretty dommes lining up to masturbate, squirt and pee over a happy sub guy who had been tied down in the middle of a road, while a crowd looked on. I can no longer find this. Other than that, I got zero.

Femdom Fucking

Images of coital sex where the woman appears to be obviously and aggressively in control are few and far between, compared to shots of male dominated sex, or femdom pegging. Maymay put me onto this picture, which has a good back-story, and there’s this wonderful offering from Vanja which makes me smile every time I look at it.

But apart from that it is slim pickings, and if anyone knows a good place to get hold of pictures where the woman is clearly controlling the man through the act of fucking so she can get the most out of it, hook me up, because I’m sick of looking at bad TGP pages that are always of the wrong thing.

A subset of this is pictures of women pulling hair or whipping a guy while they get oral sex. There are a few, but not nearly as many as you’d think, if things were in balance.

Masturbation Tease

This is a tough one because it is a hard to think up search terms for it (woman masturbates while man looks on?), but I don’t recall having seen too many images of women masturbating while a tied up man watches, unable to do anything. In fact I can only think of this one which is not very sexy. That seems a shame. I guess I will have to think back to my mind’s eye image of the time Michelle restrained me and then used a large vegetable on herself while she made me kiss her feet.

Leaking Shots

Michelle doesn’t mind the odd peek at Kami Tora, and quite enjoys his come-shots, but her favourite thing of all seems to be when pre-come leaks out my cock while she is teasing me. She’ll eat it, if it’s going. I’ve tried to find shots of guys leaking out in frustration while their girlfriends watch on laughing (Michelle usually laughs when I do this), but once again, there isn’t much there. Rob and Jill is not bad, I guess, but Rob always reminds me of Lurch from the Addams family.

Anyway, you get the idea. The disclaimer here is the same as it was for my first queening chair post;  there may be stuff out there that I haven’t found, but I’ve given it a good solid year and if it is there, it sure isn’t leaping out at me.

The problem with all this is the time I spend searching for the good stuff leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth because of the crap I have to sift through.

I have talked this over with Michelle and we are both of the view, fuck it. No more searching. I would have found what  I was looking for by now. Anything that comes my way from hereon in, it will be because I stumble across it.

2 thoughts on “Holes in the Internet

  1. Spot on as usual. The only outstanding site that approaches these issues in an intelligent way is this one. Even your links are superiour to anything I have found in months of searching. You have the market to yourself. You are the benchmark. Keep up the good work. F.

  2. Thanks for both your recent comments, Fergus.

    I appreciate them all the more because I know that quite a few people come here regularly, but I don’t always know why.

    I’m intending on putting up a lot more femdom imagery and reviews in the year to come, I hope you’ll get something out of that.

    Also, if you have any links or other stuff you’d like to share, let me know and I’ll check them out.


    PS – heh, wouldn’t you know it, but I found some faux femdom bukakke within about a day of posting this.

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