A Response from Sandra Chang

Sandra Chang got back to me in fast time about my request to show her artwork in the previous post, and added an interesting reply about her experiences with being an artist interested in female domination. This is really worth reading:

I don’t have any more Japanese Bondage illustrations…some of my fantasy illustrations have gone more mainstream to be more commercial. The bondage/S & M stuff is fun to do, but is a very niche market. I tried to get a calendar published a while back and I think they felt threatened by the dominant women stuff. Not too long ago, I was warned by [a prominent online art organization] not to display any more content like that or else they will remove my online gallery. That made me angry because I’ve seen artwork on their site where the women were naked and nailed together. They were obviously dead and if that isn’t sadistic I don’t know what is. All I had were 2 women dancing around a naked man tied upside down. I think the imagery of women overpowering a man made whoever curating the exhibit uncomfortable. I’ve also had every female-centric painting rejected by [another prominent online art organization]. I’m not sure why. Maybe they are too sexy.

Heh. Well, I guess it is a niche market but it seems to be becoming a pretty big niche, I must say. I’m sorry to hear about these experiences with discrimination; which is basically what that is. I’ve chatted on e-mail with several other artists that have similar complaints. It’s a bummer for the artist and positive consumer, and is basically a form of censorship.

Personally, I like martial arts. I also have a 1st degree black sash in Northern Eagle Claw kung fu. I don’t spar any more after I broke my ankle in class…My husband forbids from fighting…although I miss it. Probably the part of me that likes beating up on guys…

Sandra: personally I wish you could beat up the guys who felt threatened by your work. But this is not a perfec world.

Thanks for your art and pics,

❤ Steve.

(PS – If you’re wondering why I didn’t just add all this as a comment to the previous post, it’s because this way, I have an excuse to put up another picture.)

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