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I came across a fairly new chastity blog recently (by way of hits from the owner) and decided to stay.

His writing makes it clear that he is very excited about is new situation, and very in love. It’s a good combo. Here’s a few selections.

Last night I suggested while swooning in bed (one swoons a lot in chastity) that nothing would make me happier than to give her a month of orgasms in exchange for the opportunity to masturbate in front of her…

Today in the coffee shop, a woman I’ve seen every day for years asked:  ”you’ve been working out like crazy, haven’t you?” I just laughed.  The truth is, I haven’t even been to the gym in weeks.  I’ve just been chaste for two and a half weeks.  I must have testosterone coming out of my ears.  Maybe I smell like a matador to the women I encounter…

And that was that.  When she got between my legs she said,”You haven’t even begun to imagine how I’m going to fuck you in the future…”

Check it out.


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