Five Minutes of Doubt

After twenty-seven days in chastity, licking the pussy of the woman you love is a deep and sensual experience, nothing like the dog-with-a-bone encounter of  before. Michelle’s vagina became huge, the center of my world, and I sat before it almost in a trance, slowly and patiently running my tongue up and down, much to her evident satisfaction. She told me I was doing great things, and then after a while, had a huge orgasm. Then we fucked, very gently, and she came again very soon afterwards. It was all wonderful.

After that, she told me to get off her and then pulled me close to her with my head near her breasts and told me I had served her well, and that being covered in her pussy suited me well, and also, that I was not to have an orgasm myself. (Big surprise, I know).

And then she just lay there in a warm dream-like state, which unfortunately, I did not share.

I felt as though something else needed to happen. I was almost overcome with a desire to be dominated by her, to be sent down into deep sub-space. I felt so primed and ready for it, I couldn’t believe it wasn’ t going to happen. I felt as though Michelle was being selfish just lying there and not meeting my needs.

But that was the opposite of her needs at the time. She wanted to just lie there in the stupor into which we’d sent her. She was blissed out on sex, and just wanted to lie there, holding me close.

We talked about this afterwards and she made it clear that after sex like that, she just isn’t in the head-space to be giving me a domination trip. She just wants to lie there in an endorphin haze. She made it quite clear that she is quite happy to talk or fuck me into sub-space at other times  – and has  done with great effect, several times recently. But after sex like that, it really isn’t one of those times. “Sex like that is totally about satisfying me,” she said. “I’ll satisfy you on other occasions. But when I feel like this, your job is to do whatever I say, and give me as god a time as you can. Afterwards, I just want to chill.”

I guess I’m going to have to deal with that. Funny thing is, the moment of doubt only lasted a short while, no more than five minutes. After that, I was overcome with how wonderful the sex had been, and how great it is to have a wife that takes me to bed solely interested in her own pleasure, has multiple orgasms, and then orders me to stay chaste afterwards.

Now, all I want is to go back and do those crucial five minutes over again. And this time I’ll know that the best thing to do is to satisfy her as best I can, and then be drawn in close to her warm body, smelling her all around me, and listen to her telling me that all I have served her well and that all I need to do is breathe deeply and relax. And this time, I’ll just go with it.

3 thoughts on “Five Minutes of Doubt

  1. I wouldn’t sweat the 5 minutes of “doubt.” You are only human and I’m guessing that later, while you where talking about it, you went downt the subspace path a bit:)

  2. yeah, I have been pretty spaced out quite often lately. It isn’t hard for her to get me there.

    Yesterday in the kitchen we were having a mild argument about something trivial, and she just lifted up her skirt so I could see her legs and bottom. Me = subbed. Argument over.

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