All Natural vs Indian God

Like a lot of guys, I had my fair share of trouble controlling my ejaculations when I was a teenager and in my early twenties, but things sorted themselves out after that, and I would have generally considered myself a pretty decent sex partner since I was about twenty-four.

But obviously, chastity can add a new dimension of difficulty to the whole situation. We’ve only had one episode of vigorous sex lately, over three weeks ago, but the rest of the time it’s been either gentle fucking while she masturbates, or non-coital stuff. But last night, after a full month without release for me, Michelle decided it was time to test out my powers of restraint.

Just before we started, I sprayed on a few squirts of this lotion I purchased at a hole in the wall. You know the sort of place; if it wasn’t for the discrete neon signage and manikins wearing fetish costumes in the window, you’d never know it was there. Anyway, I’m not sure why the Chinese would have called this stuff Indian God Lotion – perhaps they imagine the Indians to be better at sex than themselves – but that’s what it is called.

We’ve never tried a ‘delay spray’ before. My male pride would have gotten in the way. “I don’t need that, baby,” I can hear my younger self saying, chest all puffed out like a pigeon.  “That’s for guys with PE. I don’t have PE. I’m all natural.”

Well, male pride no longer. Without reading any instructions, I sprayed two squirts  on the head of my cock, and then rolled a condom on. Then she jumped on me immediately and she was glorious, and she started fucking me really hard, saying all sorts of wonderful things about how I was all hers and she could get me to do whatever she wanted. I can’t believe I didn’t come.

After about ten minutes this tingling sensation starts up which eventually turns into a kind of burning, like I have spread toothpaste on my penis.  But it does the trick we have this long, hard, awesome fuck. We went at it for ages, and I didn’t get right to the edge at any point; fatigue and dryness got us in the end.

So, moral of story appeared to be that delay sprays do indeed work and that they are a good option for a man in long-term chastity. But then, I looked up the instructions online today and found out that you are supposed to put the stuff on an hour before having sex and that it takes quite a while to start working. So, it looks like at least the first ten or fifteen minutes or so was good old, all natural me.

Who knew such a thing could be possible, after a month of tease and denial?

Michelle is a fan of the Indian God lotion, and was most pleased with me generally, which made me feel awesome. We’ll keep it and use it again when circumstances require.

But I gotta say, I’m starting to wonder if I might not be able to get the hang of staying chaste and then fucking like that without the spray.  Or even a condom.

A guy can dream, right?

(Michelle asked me to edit this to remove a few of the more graphic bits.)

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